See 20 shooting stars per hour during the October meteor shower visible above Colorado

October is definitely a great month for stars to set off with many astronomical events, including a meteor show that will send many shooting stars to the night sky.

The Orionid meteor shower will begin over Colorado on October 2, 2020, lasting until October 7, 2020. According to AccuWeather, the shower will hit 20 Peak Stars on Tuesday evening, October 20 through the early hours of the morning at 20 Peak Stars. Wednesday, October 21.

The Orionid meteor shower, known for its stunning stars, is one of two rains created by the debris left by Halley’s comet. Its sister shower, Eta Aquarids, occurs in May.

Other astronomical events awaiting this month include the “opposition” to Mars on October 13 and a rare full moon on Halloween. When Mars approaches “opposition”, it will be opposite Earth from the Sun and closest to Earth.

Go somewhere dark with a clear and cloudless view of the mountain sky. Meteor showers are usually seen after midnight and before dawn. At its peak, the waxing crescent moon is set to turn dark, creating an ideal situation for stargazers.

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The next meteor shower will be the Leonids meteor shower, which will occur in November. Notorious for producing fireballs, the shower is at its peak from Monday 16 November to Tuesday 17 November.

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