Secrets of Cyber ​​Monday: how to buy like a professional, get the best deals


NEW YORK – This year's Cyber ​​Monday is expected to be the largest online shopping day in history, with 56 percent of Americans thinking of buying at line sometime before midnight, if I have not done it yet.

So, what do you need to look for?

"You should definitely consult technology agreements, fashion and, as a subset of fashion, shoes are a big thing on Cyber ​​Monday," Business Elena Holodny, of Insider, told PIX11 News. "Traveling (is) is also something big."

In fact, experts say that if you're thinking about booking a winter getaway, the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving is the day to do it.

In this so-called Travel Offer Tuesday, airlines offer significant discounts that you can not find at any time of the year.

"You can get up to 40 percent discount on flights around the world," Holodny said.

Out of store-wide discounts Retailers also offer discounts and one-time promotional codes to new customers who subscribe to email newsletters.

But if you feel overwhelmed, there are some sites that could do the heavy lifting.

Camel Camel Camel allows consumers to compare prices to ensure they get the best available offer.

If you're in the market for an Apple product, Holodny says there's a place for that.

"For the technology offer specifically, go to macrumours .com," said Holodny. "They list all the offers you can find for an Apple MacBook and you could find the best one or the one that best suits your needs. "

In case the price is not right, according to Holodny, throw the items in your cart and forget about that. [19659003] "What happens is that many of these websites will track what you were seeing and what you were thinking of buying," he said. "If it is in your basket, they will recognize that they want it and they will be offered a discount or an agreement on something that was not originally on the list."

The numbers of this Cyber ​​Monday are close to the historical. According to data published by Adobe, online shoppers spent more than $ 850 million before 10 a.m. That number is expected to increase since most purchases will occur between 8 p.m. and midnight.

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