Secret service warns Boogaloos to come to DC, states

The Secret Service has issued an intelligence bulletin warning of additional armed protest in Washington, following the inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden — and especially from the Booggle Boys – that in some cases it expects to be violent.

The Secret Service Bulletin, dated 11 January, is unclassified, but not marked for distribution outside law-enforcement channels, and was obtained by The Daily Beast. The Daily Beast is declining to provide specific information for these rallies to prevent insurers from getting organized through the media.

Although the Secret Service’s primary responsibility is to protect the president, the Intelligence Bulletin also warns of demonstrations for state capitals. It warns from the FBI about recent armed protests in all 50 states. A previous report by Yahoo News stated that a December 24 document from the FBI’s Minnesota Territory Office warned state and local officials of the protests in Washington and the threat from right-wing states.

A demonstration cited in the document is scheduled to take place before the inauguration by the Bugelos, a loose-mouthed meme-turning-movement of enthusiasts for a second civil war, many of whom have been arrested and followed by violence during the summer and fall 2020 Has been accused of retaliation against Black Lives Matter. “While no civil disobedience has been confirmed,” the bulletin said, “organizers encourage attendees to bring weapons to the event.”

Another demonstration scheduled for before the inauguration is aimed at bringing “armed civilians” to both state capitals and a show of force in Washington, DC, though the sponsoring group, Tree of Liberty, which is affiliated with Boogailoo, is peaceful. Accuses of

Although provocative social-media network Parler has been de-platformed by Apple and Amazon, the Secret Service tracked down a user for a “come and take it” rally, a reference to Thermopylae’s Spartan-Persian battle Is, which states “mentions the fight” and posted, ‘Never quit fighting ever. “It aims to bring supporters to the Capitol and the White House” literally a steel shop. “

From the backlash of major social media and web hosting companies to the bulletin, the plan of right-wing demonstrations from 6 January has had a disruptive effect. But it also has the effect of limiting the Secret Service’s “ability to review information for situational awareness on these incidents”. Users frustrated by Parler’s closure and de-platforming of many Twitter users, Secret Service Bulletins and Signals, are moving to Secret Service Bulletin states.

While many demonstrations tracked by the Secret Service are cited in the Bulletin as typical political protests, from both leftist and rightist groups, some protests at the inauguration are expected to be violent.

A planned demonstration, called the Million Militia March, displays a logo that crosses the AR-15s, an ersatz military patch and both American and Gedden flags, and aims to be the “First Regiment of the American Republic” . The Bulletin states that the organizers “have encouraged attendees to bring weapons to the event through the use of images of weapons on promotional materials for the event.” The group claims that they will not attack, but defend. “The District of Columbia does not honor gun licenses or permits of any other state.


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