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Secret buyer of Leonardo da Vinci's painting revealed as Saudi prince

  Salvator Mundi Leonardo da Vinci
"Salvator Mundi" or "Salvador del Mundo" by da Vinci, dating
from around 1500.

Dennis Van Tine / STAR

  • It has been revealed that a Saudi prince is the purchaser of the
    the most expensive painting in the world, with a price of $ 450
  • This particular prince, reportedly, did not have a
    history of collecting art and was friends with Saudi Arabia
    Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
  • The painting is expected to arrive at the Louvre Museum in Abu.
    Dhabi, a museum in the United Arab Emirates.

A Saudi prince has been revealed as the buyer of the
the most expensive painting in the world,
at an amazing price of $ 450 million at an auction in the
the world famous Christie's Auction House in November.

Prince Bader bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Farhan al-Saud has
identified as the mysterious buyer of Leonardo da Vinci
"Salvator Mundi", according to a New York Times report published
Wednesday. Prince Bader, part of a distant branch of the rich
real family, is not generally known as a great art collector or
someone with a great source of wealth, according to The Times.

Christie's representatives tried to identify Prince Bader and
his source of finance before the sale, after he gave $ 100
millions of deposits to qualify for the auction, The Times said.
Pressed for more information, Prince Bader reportedly gave a
unspoken response, saying that he was in the real estate business and was
one of the 5,000 princes of the country.

According to reports, Prince Bader is also a friend and associate of Arabia
Crown Prince of Arabia Mohammed bin Salman, who recently embarked
in a national offensive in
corruption that touched $ 100 billion and involved more than 200
people, including members of the royal elite. The nature of the
Painting – an interpretation of Christ – and the time of purchase
– less than two weeks after the purge of corruption – calls to
asks if the Crown Prince has been selectively targeting
people in the repression, reported The Times.

Although Prince Badar did not respond to the detailed The Times
request for comments, the Louvre in Abu Dhabi – a museum in the
United Arab Emirates – Tweet on Wednesday that the "Salvator
Mundi "came" to the Louvre Abu Dhabi, "The Times said.

You can read the full report here

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