Second stimulus checks may be less than $ 1,200

If you expect a larger second stimulus control, you may not be lucky.

This is what you need to know.

Second stimulus check: less than $ 1,200?

As reported by Fox Business, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow says the second stimulus checks could be smaller than $ 1,200 and aimed at Americans with Low income and those who are unemployed. Why? The answer: cost. Senate Majority Mitch McConnell (R-KY) wants to target around $ 1.3 trillion for the next stimulus bill. This amount is substantially less than the $ 3 trillion Heroes Bill passed by House Democrats, and the $ 2 trillion stimulus amount that President Donald Trump is targeting. Trump also said he wants a second stimulus control bigger than Democrats’ support, which runs contrary to Kudlow’s comments. In the Heroes Act, House Democrats proposed a second stimulus check of $ 1,200 and $ 1,200 for each dependent, with a maximum of three dependents. The Delta between Democrats and Republicans over second stimulus checks and other issues may ultimately narrow, but some in Washington are concerned that the next stimulus deal may crumble. This is not the first time that Kudlow says that the second stimulus checks will be adapted in a limited way. For example, Kudlow told him Fox Business Last month, that second stimulus check could target those who lost their jobs and need the most financial assistance. However, the size of the second round of stimulus controls is not the only potential limitation.


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