Second stimulus check may exceed $ 1,200

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President Donald Trump said today that the second stimulus check could exceed $ 1,200.

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Second stimulus check

Today on a trip to West Texas, Trump spoke exclusively with Katie Ord of WMID in Midland. During the interview, Orth asked Trump if $ 1,200 is enough for a second incentive check. Trump responded:

“Katie Orth: Is $ 1200 Enough?

President Trump: we are going to watch. It can actually be more than this.

Katie Orth: Where would you like to see it?

President Trump: I want to see it a lot more because I love people. I want people to get it, you know. The economy is about to return. As you know, we had tremendous job numbers just announced. We had great retail sales numbers, so it’s all coming back. We had the biggest economy ever and we had to shut it down because you know we had to do it. We saved millions of lives by doing this, but now we are bringing it back and now it is coming back. We have to take care of the people in the meantime.

Will the second stimulus check exceed $ 1,200?

Trump has already made it clear that he wants a second stimulus check that is larger than proposed by Democrats. In the Heroes Act – a $ 3 trillion stimulus package passed by House Democrats – the second incentive check is $ 1,200. This means that Trump would like a second stimulus check that is over $ 1,200. Whether Trump’s comments today mean that the second stimulus investigation may eventually exceed $ 1,200, or if there is discussion about increasing the amount of the second stimulus investigation, is unclear. On Monday, Senate Republicans announced the Heels Act (Health, Economic Assistance Liability Protection and Schools Act), a ~ $ 1 trillion stimulus package proposed as a response to the Care Act and the Heroes Act. While Senate Republicans included a second stimulus check in the Heels Act, a second stimulus check is proposed as $ 1,200. This is the same amount that Treasury Secretary Steven Menuchin has also confirmed, and the eligibility criteria for the second incentive check are similar to the first incentive check in the CARS Act.

How much is the second incentive check?

to date, Both Republicans and Democrats have proposed a one-time, second incentive check of $ 1,200 for individuals who meet income and other requirements. There is currently no indication that the amount of the second stimulus check will be more than $ 1,200, although the offer and numbers may change in the coming weeks as Congress rescinds the latest stimulus package proposal. If the amount of the second stimulus check is raised above $ 1,200, it will increase the overall cost of the Heels Act, which some conservative Senate Republicans want to avoid, unless Senate Republicans cut other programs from the proposed stimulus package . Currently, Republicans and Democrats – who are following this major stimulus time – may agree on a second stimulus check, but they are $ 2 trillion in addition to their respective stimulus packages. According to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), about half of Republicans can vote against the Republican stimulus package. Republicans and Democrats differ on the amount of dependent incentive payments, however. Currently, Republicans propose $ 500 for each dependent, while Democrats want $ 1,200 for each dependent, with a maximum of three dependents. It is possible that the final dependent incentive payment may change, which may increase the total incentive payment an individual or married / joint filer receives.

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