Second Mass Vaccination Site at Orange County Soca University Reads, Twix Appointment System – Orange County Register

Orange County staff and volunteers are set to open a mass vaccination center at Soka University in Aliso Weijo on Saturday.

It joins the first center opened at Disneyland last week that is handling about 3,000 appointments a day.

County spokeswoman Molly Nickelson said, “Bring your umbrellas, plan for rain, if you’re in the walker, you need to keep those things in mind.” Staff and volunteers will be helped to walk to the gym from the parking structure of the campus near Wood Valley Drive, where vaccines will be installed.

Spokeswoman Molly Nickelson said the county has enough vaccines and staff for a reliable launch of the new Soca Super POD (point-of-distribution) this weekend. Officials have stated that they will not open new locations until volunteers and dosages are available for its worth; Five sites are expected eventually.

But public health officials are lowering expectations and asking for patience after making the Othena appointment system a rocky start among its target users: seniors 65 and older.

The health care agency said the appointment process was “simplified” this week to prevent users from needing to continually refresh Othena on their computers and phones in hopes of landing a slot.

An appointment is available for users who have completed registration, Othena will email eligible groups around 10 am each day.

Health Care Agency Director and County Health Officer Drs. Clayton Chau, said that staff members are considering the risk of a person’s coronavirus virus when making appointments. He said that the staff would send patients despite being closest to the super site.

But if users do not respond via Othena within a few hours, they will be placed back in the virtual queue, Nickelson said.

“They really want to pay attention to the emails that come through,” she said.

The Health Care Agency has set up a hotline at 714-834-2000 to question Othena, vaccine appointments, and other related issues during the workday.

At this point, those who qualify for a vaccine and want an appointment may not call to set up one, but may call for help in registering on Othena.

“We see that it will be able to make us more agile,” she said.

Chow advised the troubled seniors with Othena to seek help from their doctor or staff at a local senior center.

And super sites are not the only option, Chau said. The health care agency is also working in small-scale “mobile” vaccination clinics, which are parachuted for a day in some senior centers with more in the works.

Meanwhile, the county is still balancing a balance of marshalling vaccines, staff and volunteers to efficiently and impartially dose the COVID-19 into the arms of the most exposed and vulnerable.

During a virtual town hall with Assemblywoman Cottie Petri-Norris on Thursday, Chow said Orange County still did not have enough vaccines and reiterated the need for older seniors to get their shots first, especially of chronic health. People with the condition that make the corono virus more dangerous.

“We are asking the community to be patient, let us vaccinate those 75 and older and those 65 and older with chronic problems.” “We protect them first, because they are the ones who, if infected, they end up in hospitals more than others.”

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