SEC Football Conference – Moving Towards 2012 Schedule

For years, SEC fans have struggled for fewer games against lower-level squads and more big-time matchups with opponents of their own stature.

It was an epidemic, but they can get their wish.

The SEC is moving closer to an agreement on a conference-only schedule of 10 games, several sources reported Sports Illustrated. During a virtual meeting on Wednesday, most athletic directors approved the idea of ​​a SEC-only, 10-game schedule. However, the schedule must be confirmed by the league presidents. SEC chairmen are expected to meet approximately Thursday to discuss the matter seriously. It is unclear whether they will vote until next week or delay the decision. The NCAA Board of Governors is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, which could be an important event for the 2020–21 college athletic season. Officials can end the year-end championships for sports such as FCS football, volleyball and football or cancel those, or transfer them in the spring.


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