Seattle police chief vows to be tough on rioters after not prosecuting certain crimes

The interim police chief in the city warned on Saturday that the Seattle police began to clamp down on rioters who harmed businessmen.

Anti-Biden rioters broke Pike Place Market’s original Starbucks coffee shop from their windows just days after leading Adrian Diaz pledged and several downtown business owners left the city, according to reports.

Like her predecessor, Carmen Best – who departed last September, claiming lack of support for police from some city officials – Diaz said she does not believe the rioters who break windows and tag businesses , Promoting a cause.

Diaz said at a press conference, “On January 20, the incidents in various places made no sense. They were not discussing what they were fighting for, or what kind of social justice. Message. ” Seattle times

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He said the rioters seem to be more focused on “light fires” and “breaking windows”.

He said, “These are the things that we need to work on.”

The first Starbucks location was damaged during an anti-Biden protest in Seattle on Wednesday.
(Seattle Police Department)

Authorities said that on Wednesday, left-wing militants ransacked several buildings, used smoke canisters and moved objects along roadways to create barriers. At one point, a group dressed in all blacks prodded a large American flag and smashed several windows. The first Starbucks in the famous Pike Place Market also broke its windows.

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Three rioters were arrested for crimes that included theft, assault and property damage.

“In Wednesday’s events, it doesn’t matter who is in the presidential office, it’s really a matter of understanding that people are out for destruction,” Diaz said.

However, he said that about 600 protesters and rioters have been arrested since last year’s unrest began, with many of the rapists not being prosecuted primarily over concerns of spreading coronaviruses, the Times reported.

“I’m negotiating with Pete Holmes, the city’s attorney’s office, and he will prosecute these cases from now on,” Diaz said. “It has really allowed us to support our employees, assist and review those cases as they occur, so they can be prosecuted to the fullest extent.”

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However, Holmes said in a statement, the city attorney’s office was not aware of the new policy and said through a spokesperson that the rape policies would remain the same, the Times reported.

He said the department would take a particularly hard line with the vandals arrested more than once.

“When we have no form of accountability for the people – and many of them who are coming from outside the city – they will continue to do that destruction, and we cannot do that,” he said.

Downtown residents and business owners had expressed their disappointment at the lack of results for the Vandals.

“To me, it’s a complete mystery as to why we’re not getting much response,” Stephanie Sachida of the East Preschool Advisory Council told Como-TV.

Diaz’s news conference was preceded by a planned protest at a nearby park that ended peacefully.

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He said that the new policy will come into effect from Saturday.

In September, the then Chief Carmen Best carried out an incident following an incident in which a rampant police wall was pierced by an explosive device.

According to the Seattle Times, “What we saw today was not peaceful.” “The rioters had no concern for the safety of the public, the safety of the authorities, or the businesses and property they destroyed.”

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