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Search for a woman who killed the victim and stole her identity & # 39;

  The suspect (left) and the victim

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Riess (left) allegedly befriended Hutchinson (right) before killing her and steal your identity

Florida police are looking for a woman suspected of killing her husband and a woman with a similar resemblance to stealing her identity.

Police say that Ann Riess, 56, who is now the subject of a multi-state persecution, was seen talking to the victim days before she was allegedly shot to death.

Lee County Deputy Chief Carmine Marceno says the suspect attempted to steal the identity of Pamela Hutchinson, 59.

He is now suspected of fleeing to Corpus Christi, Texas, police say.

Mr. Marceno told NBC News about Monday that Ms. Riess should be considered armed and dangerous, and can kill again when she runs out of money.

"Smile and look like anybody's mother or grandmother," he said of Mrs. Riess, who according to authorities has three grown children and one grandchild.

"She's calculated, she's white and an absolute murderer in cold blood," she said, adding that she has a history of problems with gambling.

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Police released images of the suspect and the stolen vehicle

In a seven-second video clip released Monday, filmed at Smokin & Oyster Brewery on April 5, Ms. Reiss is supposed to be wearing a light blue shirt while talking to the victim.

The woman's mode "Mr. Marceno said at a press conference on Friday.

The murder occurred when Ms. Riess was hiding in Florida after allegedly murdering her husband in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota, last month, police say.

Ms. Hutchinson's body was found last Monday in Fort Myers Beach, but may have died days earlier, according to police.

The suspect allegedly stole the money, cards credit, identification and car of his victim before fleeing through state lines.

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Police says that Mrs. Riess has a history of problems with the game

Authorities are looking for Ms. Hutchinson's vehicle in 2005 with Florida registration.

Minnesota police have been searching for Mrs. Riess since March 23, after finding the body of her husband David Riess.

Authorities say she may have stolen $ 11,000 (£ 7,600) from her husband's business before allegedly killing him inside his home.

"Investigators believe that Pamela Hutchinson may have been killed with the same firearm used to murder David Riess," the Minnesota Bureau of Apprehension wrote in cargo documents.

According to the annual report of criminal statistics of the FBI, one of every 10 murders in the EE. UU They are committed by women.

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