Sean King Reveals the Last Cause of Larry King’s Death

Shaun King opened up about her final moments with late husband Larry King.

“We were able to FaceTime in the hospital and it was difficult for him to talk, but a message he wanted to make sure I heard was, ‘I love you, take care of the boys,'” she told Entertainment Tonight on the famous In the last moments of the broadcaster.

Sean and Larry, 61, shared two sons, 21-year-old Chance and 20-year-old Cannon. She is also survived by her oldest son, 59-year-old Larry King, Jr., from her marriage to Annette Kaye.

Larry died Saturday morning at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He was 87.

Although Larry’s sixth wife, Julia Alexander, told The Post that she had died of coronovirus, which she contracted in December, Sean said that was not the real cause of her death.

“It was an infection, it was sepsis,” she told the outlet. “Well, he was finally ready to leave, I’ll tell you. You know, he never wanted to leave but he had a cute little body, it just hit him so many times with so many things and once we did COVID. Heard the words, all our hearts just drowned. But he beats it, you know, he beat it, but it took a toll and then the unrelated infection was finally what happened to him, but boy, he wasn’t going to go down easily. . ”

Sean, who is in the midst of divorce proceedings from veteran CNN host, said she never thought she would be able to finalize their split because of their partnership.

Sean King said everyone wore suspenders at Larry King's memorial
Sean King said that everyone wore suspenders at Larry King’s memorial.
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“Larry and I, you know, we never finalized our divorce,” she said. “In my heart, I didn’t think it was really going to happen and it never happened. We were partners in every way, in business, and, in our family and then in business. … You You know, family is the most important thing, and God. “

The family put Larry to rest this week and paid homage in the most possible way possible – wearing his signature accessory.

“All of us, it was just family, we wore every one of us, Larry’s suspenders,” she said. “And it was a beautiful, full of love… perfect, perfect. It was a family. There was no showbiz, no, none of that was.

“Death is probably the great equalizer, I think,” he continued. “You know, when you experience it with the people we really love, really love, all the other noises and crap that can be around, it just goes away and the family together. Goes closer. And that’s what happened. You know, it was beautiful. “


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