Sean Kennedy, bassist of I Killed the Prom Queen and Deez Nuts, dies at 35

When I Killed the Prom Queen disbanded, some of the pieces were reformed as Deez Nuts, which released six studio albums, including Top 20. The word is link from 2015. Kennedy also appeared in 2017 Binge eating and purgatoryand 2019 You got me screwed.

Former I Killed the Prom Queen bandmate Michael Crafter paid tribute to the late bassist.

“For years we were side by side on stage or in photos of the band,” he wrote on social media. “We sleep in flats, trucks, airplanes and somehow we manage to travel the world. Time passed [sic] Quick.”

“We experience ups and downs on the road and after everything we’ve been through, you will always be my friend. As the years have passed, I am glad that I was always there for each other. “She added:” When I called you last week, I didn’t think it would be the last. I wish I could fire myself. “

Featured Australian metalcore partner The Amity Affliction wrote: “Rest, dear friend. We send all our love and thoughts to SK’s friends and family. “

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