Sean Henetti claims that Biden, Democrat, dropped coronovirus while Trump took action

Sean Hannity of Fox News said Wednesday night that President Trump is being accused of lying to the public about the severity of the coronovirus epidemic, but Democrats were people.

Trump told journalist Bob Woodward that “Hainty” host played a video of Joe Biden speaking at a South Carolina rally on February 28, three weeks after the virus had “lethal items”.

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At the rally, Biden told supporters that this is “not the time to panic” about the virus, although he admitted it was a “serious public health challenge”.

“Will the media, the crowd, spend the next 24 hours finding out about those comments?” Hanit asked. “I will not hold my breath.” He explains that “the Biden campaign did not issue an official response to the epidemic until March 11. The plan was a few paragraphs long. It included things the president was already doing.”

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In early April, the Biden campaign said the former vice president supported President Trump’s decision to limit his trip from China to the US. When the ban was first announced, Biden said it was in keeping with Trump’s record of “hysteria, xenophobia and fear-protest”.

“If Biden was in charge, it’s not a question of whether more Americans would have contracted the virus and died,” Hannity said. “But how many thousands of Americans would have contracted this virus.”

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“It’s now a season of madness,” the host told the audience. “Twenty-five days away from a tipping point election, lying, blotting, profanity … hysteria is now reaching a fever pitch, and with just 55 days until you become the final jury, the antagonist is Trump Is going to be non-stop. “