Sean Hannity claims that the Dems ‘put all their eggs in the debate basket’ ahead of Biden-Trump’s performance for the first time.

Joe Biden’s campaign has “put all his eggs in the debate basket”, the Democratic nominee claimed Sean Hannity on Monday, after spending very little in the summer.

The “Hannity” host said, “I believe his campaign team – they are seeing what we are all seeing,” adding that the former vice-president’s campaign took place on 12 different days in September from 10 am ET. First wrapped up its public events.

“They see that he is weak, they see that he is weak,” Hanity said. “They see him struggling cognitively. His staff, they made a very conscious decision to hide him.”

Biden’s staff were able to do so, the host argued, with the help of a “crowd of corrupt media” who disregarded any possible conversation about the nominee’s stamina or sensation, while the candidate himself called the president for weeks. Remembered arguments against and remembered “lines of attack”. In the end.

Biden Agency set agenda for debit for pre-presentation

“The Biden campaign felt that putting him off the campaign trail was too risky, so they put all their eggs in the debate basket,” Hannity said. “And we’ll see … how well the strategy of studying for a long time all summer has worked.”

Turning himself into a debate, Hannity predicted that Americans would hear “all the talk” and new promises from Biden that would never come to resemble his performance as vice president.

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“Worst, he is now controlled by the radical base of his party and they are bragging about controlling him,” he said. “If he is elected, he will do his bidding. If successful, their agenda will tear this country apart. This will destroy and negate the very freedoms for our entire history. “

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