Sean Hannity asks if Biden has the strength, endurance, and mental acuity to do the “hardest job in the world”

Sean Hannity began Monday’s show by urging Americans to ask themselves, “What happened? [Joe] Biden made to improve the lives of all Americans?

“Did Biden pass criminal justice reform? No. Did he pass police reform? No. After Baltimore, after Ferguson, what did they do? Nothing. Who changed it? President Trump changed it,” said the host. .

Hannity compared Biden’s record to that of President Trump, highlighting the current administration’s commitment to criminal justice reform and efforts to increase funding for historically black schools and communities.

“Did Barack and Joe create opportunity zones in struggling neighborhoods?” Hannity asked. “No, that would be President Trump. President Trump has been in office less than four years and during that time, before the coronavirus, [there was] record low unemployment for African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian American youth unemployment and African American youth unemployment. That’s great for our collective American family. “


“Recently,” Hannity continued, “the President took significant steps to restore order in American cities, including harsh measures against vandals, those who have been trying to tear down each and every statue across the country. By the way Where does Joe think about these issues?

Addressing his viewers directly, Hannity urged voters to ask whether Biden “really is fit to serve as commander in chief.”

“Does Joe Biden have mental alertness, does he have the stamina, does he have the strength to take on what is the most difficult job in the world?” asked the host. “And what will happen when you finally have to leave your basement bunker for good?


“Did the mob and the media ask Biden the same questions they asked him? [Ronald] Reagan about age and mental acuity? “It concluded.” Don’t hold your breath.

“Don’t expect Biden to come out of the basement.”

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