Seahawks signs Russell Wilson for contract extension

As is always the case with new contracts, especially for elite quarterbacks, this deal was not easy to do, but Carroll acknowledged the work of Schneider and the vice president of the football administration Matt Thomas for finding a way to keep Wilson in Seattle for the next few years.

"Obviously, this is a great negotiation, and they had to solve it," Carroll said. "They had to solve it, everything was part of the plan, they knew it was coming for years, the fact that they could make it happen and connect with Russ in his plan to really commit his future to the organization and to the fans and all that, has done, everything had to be orchestrated, and John and Matt did an extraordinary job. "

Carroll also highlighted the role of Jody Allen, Trustee of Paul G. Allen Trust and President of Seahawks and Vulcan Inc., in the process of making an agreement of this magnitude possible.

"Jody Allen's support was huge," Carroll said. "She was involved, and her support really allowed the boys to function at the level where they could do it. That should not be missed, because she was really instrumental. She is amazing, she really is. "

Wilson comes from one of the best seasons of his career, throwing 35 touchdowns of the franchise with only seven interceptions while posting a pbader rating of 110.9, the best of his career. And since he arrived in his first season with new offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, Carroll just hopes to see Wilson improve in the future.

"I've always told you that he keeps growing and improving," Carroll said last month at the annual NFL meetings in Phoenix. "Russ made a big jump last year in terms of his conscience, it was due to Schotty and the way he was trained and expected to handle the front, what was happening in the race game and all the different changes that we they like. " work. Russ was really in charge of all that. It will just keep improving. I think the biggest leap will be between him and Schotty and their growth together. I think that will appear. He had a great season. He did a great job with us, he was healthy at all times and we will bring him back with the guys that we have in front and the ability we have to run football as if we were committed again. It all adds up to the fact that I think he's going to have a very dynamic year. "We are very excited to go out again."

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