Seahawks learn from Clowney’s experience, don’t wait to add in DE

The Seahawks reportedly signed DE Kerry Hyder for three years on Tuesday. (Getty)

The Seahawks learned something from Jadeveon Clowney’s experience last offseason: Don’t wait to do something if the player overvalues ​​himself.

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Clowney wanted more than $ 20 million to return to Seattle. The Seahawks began by offering him $ 13 million a year. They eventually raised up to $ 16 million, but Clowney did not return any counter offers. He waited until the end of training camp before signing a one-year, $ 13 million deal with the Tennessee Titans and eventually didn’t make a single sack in 2020 and ended up on injured reserve with a knee injury. .

That put the Seahawks in position to trade for Carlos Dunlap in the regular season.

On Tuesday, Seahawks general manager John Schneider decided not to wait. After fixing the offensive line, adding a tight end and rehiring Chris Carson, Schneider attempted to rebuild the defensive end position that is so vital to defense. He landed a three-year contract with Kerry Hyder and reached a two-year contract to re-sign Benson Mayowa.

The wait was for Dunlap, whom Seattle released before free agency as a salary cap victim. I was thinking that he should receive a salary of around $ 10 million. In this market, that is not happening.

As good as Dunlap is, and he was great for Seattle last year, 30-year-olds are being destroyed in the marketplace. Sure, JJ Watt was able to get $ 14 million a year from Arizona, but there have only been two players in their 30s who made $ 10 million or more. We’ve been in a free agency period for two weeks where players are scrambling for salaries of $ 4-5 million, with more than 130 free agents reaching deals. The market is crashing for a lot of money.

With the Hyder and Mayowa deals, the Seahawks added 14.5 sacks from last season to their defense. Both players have the possibility to start. Seattle can still see if it can come to terms with Dunlap, or it can add a cheaper pass rusher. The Seahawks also have Rasheem Green, LJ Collier, Darrell Taylor and Alton Robinson. They can bring that into season if they want.

Mayowa had six sacks last season. The Seahawks have Robinson, Taylor and Green who can run from Leo’s position, which is their main fast-passing position. Dunlap was different in that he weighs 285 pounds and can play Leo and do well.

Hyder is a five-man coach who has the ability to get eight or more sacks. He did it as a backup one year in Detroit. Last year, with all injuries in San Francisco, Hyder had 14 starts and finished with 8.5 sacks. It is not known if the Seahawks were looking at Melvin Ingram, although there is no question that Dunlap was their first choice. Rather than wait, the Seahawks moved in and took care of their defensive end needs.

The next step is to see if the Seahawks want to bring back Quinton Dunbar or add a different cornerback. They will look for a third receiver. The two areas of greatest need, the offensive line and the defensive end, have been addressed.

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