Seahawks key to Russell Wilson, unlocked 2nd Super Bowl window

If there is one faulty flaw of the Seahawks of the Pete Carroll era, it is that despite their immense talent, they often get their own way. After finally amending his heavy-handed plan to allow Russell Wilson to operate at the height of his abilities, the Seahawks are carried on with a stubborn commitment to their ideals of the past and now with Carroll, Wilson The second Super Bowl feud has entered the window, and All-Pro linebacker Bobby Wagner as fleeting pieces between the two periods.

Wilson performed brilliantly as the Sunday opener against the Atlanta Falcons, 31-35 for 322 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions as the Seahawks rolled to a 38-25 victory. Not that Wilson’s hyper-efficiency is particularly novel, it is that the Seahawks allowed him to drop back without automatically distracting him for the run game on the first and second downs.

Seattle, which ran the ball only 19 times on Sunday, delivered its season with a 54/46 percent pass-run split, the fourth-heaviest run plan in the NFL, according to the Charlett Football Stats. For the Vikings, Titans, and 49ers, neither of these teams had a quarterback in the same stratosphere as Wilson, so moving the ball heavily was a necessity. In many ways, the Ravens’ extraordinarily heavy-handed plan was an aberration, as they designed their entire offense as a double-threat option around Lamar Jackson’s lofty potential – when teams prepare for a run , Then the unanimous MVP will attack downfield without hesitation. Simply, Seahawk personnel did not warrant a conservative approach, especially at Wilson with a quarterback at the height of his powers.

When Wilson entered the NFL, there was a clear reason behind the Seahawk’s run-heavy scheme. With over 280 carries in Wilson’s first three seasons, Marshawn Lynch served as the culmination of the offense, culminating in a Super Bowl victory and a Super Bowl loss, which was the Super Bowl defeat – we all know what there is. happened.

Wilson was still adept during his shared tenure with Lynch – he never had an interruption percentage worse than 2.5 percent – but he had to constantly improve due to a replacement-level offensive line, often for his life. Was killing And although he was always an excellent deep ball, him and Patrick Mahomes downfield firing are two of the most frightening places an opposing defensive coordinator could attract these days.

Although Seattle tried in vain to find Lynch Facemile, with its 2018 first-round pick emphasizing Rashad Penny, it was not able to fully replicate what the legendary power was able to do back then and out of necessity one The crime had become Wilson’s strength as a passerby. DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett can beat defensive back downs with excellent acceleration, although Metcalf can also threaten small defensive backs with his physicality, and Wilson is happy to take advantage.

Chris Carson is coming off a 1,100-yard season as a rush and is no slouch, but he is even being used on the fly. Carson was the recipient of Wilson’s first two passing touchdowns on Sunday and although the one-game sample may not be predictable, it appears that the Seahawks are ready to use Carson as a receiver coming out of the backfield, or Using the screen to get him. Space as he did on his second touchdown. Carson, who had 37 receptions in 15 games during the 2019 season, finished with six catches for 45 yards and two touchdowns on Sunday and it appears that the Seahawks are going to knock him out into space as often as possible.

Football by its nature is a great sport, so even dynastic teams have to change their makeup. Seattle’s first championship window featured Lynch and its legendary defense, most notably the “Legion of Boom” secondary, which featured future Hall of Famers Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas, while the lesser chancellor should receive the ballot at the very least Was. Wagner, who entered the league with Wilson in 2012, was an important part of this defense, but he had yet to make the first of his six Pro Bowls and was not yet unanimous inside linebacker in football. Again, the best of the teams will also have to change.

Seahawks fans would almost certainly be disgusted by the Tom Brady-led Patriots, but Brady operated himself in two different situations with his two descent runs. Brady can now be GOAT, but he has not thrown more than 28 touchdowns in a single season during his first three title runs, benefiting from the league’s first-ranked defense in 2003 and second-ranked defense in 2004. When the team joined Randy Moss in 2007, Brady formed a virtuous partnership with famous receivers for 50 touchdowns. Although the Patriots were shocked to see the Giants in the Super Bowl, they never looked back.

Russell Wilson has full command of the Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox / Getty Image)

Seattle’s second contention window is not on Wilson, Carson, Metcalf and the passing game. Wagner is football’s best linebacker, teaming up with his long-running partner KJ Wright, and Seattle recently acquired safety Jamal Adams with two first-round picks and a third-round pick Have done Adams would have made Thomas, Kenny Isley and the rest of his predecessors proud on Sunday. Seattle was 21st in defensive DVOA last season according to Football Outsiders. It is very talented and is well trained to not improve that ranking this year.

If the Seahawks lift the Lombardi Trophy for the second time, it will be up to Wilson, and at this point, it will be up to Carroll and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer to loosen him up. It appears that the Seahawks are no longer intent on getting their own way and by allowing Wilson to operate independently at the peak of their powers, they may have unlocked their full potential.

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