Seahawks hit a new low

An exciting pair of young gun quarterbacks have outgrown their rising teams on the charts in The Post’s weekly NFL Power Rankings.

Miami and Arizona – led by Tua Tagovelloa and Kylar Murray respectively – have established themselves as playoff contenders, pairing their rivals with impressive wins on Sunday.

Meanwhile, for some time the Top-5 staples – Baltimore and Seattle – continued their recent slides, with the Seahawks falling to the season-number 11 rankings.

1. Kansas City Chief, 8-1 (Last Week: 1)

Patrick Mahomes (25-to-1 TD / INT ratio) and defending Super Bowl chaps come out of their bye week looking to avenge their lone loss from Week 5. Andy Reid had two weeks to prepare for this week’s prime-time trip. Sin city. A win would give Casey a three-game cushion in the AFC West. Next: Sunday Night in Las Vegas

2. Pittsburgh Steelers, 9-0 (2)

The league’s lone unbeaten team played their most complete game of the season Sunday, with Ben Roethlisberger recording Chase Claypool with Rockey and TJ Watt two-stealer two-four rakes, with Cincinnati scoring two in 36-10 runs. Of recording. Mike Tomlin’s team is poised for a second consecutive breakout with a 10–0 lead for the first time in franchise history. Next: Sunday in Jacksonville

3. New Orleans Saints, 7-2 (3)

The Saints went on to win 5–0 in the absence of an injury to Drew Brose last season, with Teddy Bridgwater departing at quarterback, and would probably need to play at least a couple of weeks without an NFL all-time leader, Later passing through yards and touchdowns, it was revealed on Monday that the trees had five fractured ribs and a collapsed lung. The Saints’ defense is ranked second and fourth against the crowd, and Alvin Kamara is second in the league with 11 touches. Next: Sunday vs Atlanta

4. Green Bay Packers, 7-2 (5)

The Pack outscored the one-win Jaguars in the fourth quarter on Sunday, but an Aaron Rodgers-to-Davante Adams hookup and a late stand by the Green Bay defense helped them escape that coach Matt LaFelur and one at Lembo What would be an unforgivable defeat? NFC Answer Leaders. Next: Sunday in Indianapolis

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 7-3 (8)

Tom Brady and the Bucs avoided a second straight stinker along Sunday’s rout of Carolina to remain in the half game within the NFC South’s banged Saints. Ronald Jones exploded for 192 rising yards (including a 98-yard TD) after averaging 22 in the last three games. Next: Monday vs LA Ram

6. Buffalo Bill, 7-3 (6)

The Bills had an Ole Murray pass to improve to 8-2, but their three defenders did not leave one Deandre Hopkins behind in a last-second loss to Arizona on Sunday. Josh Allen, who leads the NFL in passing yards, set up a 21-yard TD pass to Buffalo for the win with 34 seconds remaining for Stephen Diggs. Next: Goodbye

7. Miami Dolphins, 6-3 (10)

The Dolphins have won a total of five straight games for their best record since nine matches since 2001, with Tagovailoa advancing to 3-0 after replacing veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick. Brian Floers’ team has already surpassed last season’s total wins (5-11). And Buffalo’s loss to Miami on Sunday for their first AFC East title since 2008. Next: Sunday in Denver

8. Arizona Cardinals, 6-3 (11)

It is hard to believe that people felt that Murray had a better prospect in baseball than football; The No. 1 overall pick in 2019 is already one of the most exciting players in the NFL. He is on pace to become the first player in league history with more than 4,000 passing yards and 1,000 rushing yards in a season. He already has 10 touchdowns on the ground through nine matches behind NFL leader Dalvin Cook. Next: Thursday vs Seattle

9. Baltimore Ravens, 6-3 (4)

Murray’s projected numbers will exceed the reigning NFL MVP Lamar Jackson since last season, who have not been able to mimic his record-setting 2019 campaign. The Rens have dropped two of their last three to fall three full games behind unbeaten Pittsburgh in the AFC North. Next: Sunday vs Tennessee

10. Los Angeles Rams, 6-3 (13)

The Cardinals and Rams have defeated the fading NFC West Fei Seattle in our top 10; Despite a three-way knot in the divisional race, both are ahead of the tiebreaker. The Under Rams’ defense has allowed the fewest yards per game in the league (296.4) per second. Next: On Monday in Tampa Bay

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson is brought down by hard work.Getty Images

11. Seattle Seahawk, 6-3 (7)

12. Indianapolis Colts, 6-3 (12)

13. Tennessee Titans, 6-3 (9)

14. Las Vegas Raiders, 6-3 (14)

15. Cleveland Browns, 6-3 (15)

16. Minnesota Vikings, 4-5 (20)

17. Chicago Bears, 5-5 (16)

18. New England Patriots, 4-5 (19)

19. Detroit Lions, 4-5 (21)

20. San Francisco 49ers, 4-6 (17)

21. Philadelphia Eagles, 3-5-1 (18)

22. Denver Broncos, 3-6 (22)

23. Atlanta Falcons, 3-6 (24)

24. Carolina Panthers, 3-7 (23)

25. Giants, 3-7 (29)

The Joey judge’s squad has won three out of five, including Sunday’s 10-point win over Philadelphia, to keep the Giants awkwardly but in contention in the NFC East. Daniel Jones and the Big Blue offense have not traded in any of their last two matches, and if the trend continues they may close it. Next: Goodbye

26. Cincinnati Bengals, 2-6-1 (25)

27. Houston Texans, 2-7 (26)

28. Los Angeles Charger, 2-7 (27)

29. Dallas Cowboys, 2-7 (28)

30. Washington Football Team, 2-7 (30)

31. Jacksonville Jaguars, 1-8 (31)

32. Jets, 0-9 (32)

Coming into their first week of the season without a loss, the Jets came face-to-face with their by-byes and won the most of their remaining seven matches against a 2-7 team on Sunday, starting at quarterback Had happened. The final six opponents of Gang Green currently hold a combined record of 34–20 as Trevor Lawrence’s picture comes to mind. Next: Sunday at LA Chargers


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