SC’s Attorney General Wilson banished dacoit, who invited ‘patriots’ to DC rally-riot Palmetto Politics

More than four years after SC Attorney General Alan Wilson was forced to publicly remove the wicked actions of one of his long-standing deputies, the Lexington Republican again finds himself in the same constituency.

Wilson insisted he had nothing to do with the robbery sent by the Republican Attorneys General Association’s fundraising weapon, which last Wednesday turned electoral opposition to “patriots” turning into a deadly riot in the American uprising Demonstrated encouragement.

His longtime deputy, Adam Piper, resigned His call as executive director of RAGA declined on Monday late evening. Wilson, who sits on the leadership board of the RAGA, helped Piper get that job.

A spokesman for the attorney general said on Monday that Wilson was not aware of the message until the day after the riots and said “it should have consequences”.

Piper, meanwhile, dutifully jumped on the grenade, stating that RAGA staffers sent the message, including Wilson, without the approval of the Republican Attorney General.

“Serving the Republican Attorney General is an honor for a lifetime and a dream job with integrity,” Piper said in a statement on Monday.

Political operations with Scheduled Caste roots to recruit Attorney General

Wilson first had to chase Piper in 2016, after it was revealed that his longtime aide had secretly hired a special prosecutor whose Statehouse corruption investigation targeted Wilson’s political allies was.

Now, ahead of Piper’s group “Save America” ​​rally, the RAGA’s fundraising arm, Law Defense Fund, is facing intense scrutiny against the robbery sent by the law.

Urged by President Donald Trump, who insisted in the 2020 election that he had been defrauded, more than 1,000 Trump supporters attended the rally that stormed the Capitol Building, exaggerating police and the US government Sabotaged the seat of

The mob forced the Congress into lockdown and delayed election certification until that evening. The scuffle killed at least five people, including a policeman.

The Democratic Attorney General’s Association co-chairs inflicted part of the blame on their Republican counterparts, accusing the GOP group of “inciting conspiracy theories and President Trump’s dangerous lies.”

“Current and former Republican AGs have been directly involved with efforts to reduce the results of the 2020 presidential election, and now the so-called ‘law and order’ party played a role in recruiting domestic terrorists who attacked the American rebels . Massachusetts Attorney General Maurya Hayley and Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford wrote in a statement Vice President Mike Pence to do his constitutionally mandated work to certify the electorate.

Wilson, who himself supported the 2020 presidential election results and a failed lawsuit challenging the other Republican Attorney General Desolate Group participation in the rally.

Wilson tweeted over the weekend, “I was completely unaware and did not have a participation in the Republican AG group’s rally.” “I disagree with the staff’s decision to join it and strongly condemn the violence that followed.”

Email: South Carolina AG coordinated with key figures in Statehouse investigation to prosecute letter

Other officials have asked for more scrutiny of the message.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, the new chairman of the Rule Defense Fund, issued a statement denouncing the violence and insisting that “unauthorized decisions” were made by the group’s employees regarding the rally. He resolved to conduct an internal review, as reported by

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In response, the Alabama Poverty Law Center Action Fund called for an independent investigation into the case, according to’s Alabama report.

State lawmakers in Texas and Nebraska have also demanded accountability for their attorney general’s involvement in the incident, while RAGA’s president, Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, destroyed any advance knowledge of the robocalls.

Some of those officials, such as Wilson, are now distancing themselves from electoral opposition, which they did not too long ago.

Last month, Wilson became involved in an unsuccessful legal effort by the Republican Attorney General of Texas to challenge presidential election results in four battleground states, an effort that overtook Trump’s Democrat Joe Biden’s defeat. But on Monday, spokesman Robert Cabet said Wilson believes Biden is the legitimate winner of the election.

“While there were allegations of election fraud, as far as the Attorney General is aware, no evidence has been presented in court to corroborate those allegations,” Cuttle said. “Attorney General Wilson strongly supports the First Amendment’s right to assemble all in peace, but strongly condemns violence in the US Capitol and thinks that lawbreakers should be prosecuted to the fullest.”

Pilar, a former ally of Wilson, is known in Republican circles as a loyal party who will go to great lengths to support his candidates.

In a statement on Monday, Marshall said that Piper would be “badly missed” and said that “every decision made by Adam (the Law Defense Fund rule) is with intentions and in keeping with the best interests of the organization it was done.”

But Piper’s hard-charging tendency already bothered him. In 2016, toward the end of his seven-year term under Wilson in the Attorney General’s office, Piper sought to smear a Democratic special prosecutor whose Statehouse corruption investigation was targeting Wilson’s Republican colleagues.

In text messages and emails received later by The Post and Courier, Piper unsuccessfully tried to recruit Matt Moore, president of the state Republican Party, to discredit prosecutor David Pascoe as a democratic conservative.

Email: South Carolina AG coordinated with key figures in Statehouse investigation to prosecute letter

At the time, the Pasco investigation was zeroing in on Richard Quinn, an influential Republican adviser who advised Wilson. Piper also worked for Quinn’s political firm, which also placed him on payroll while he worked in Wilson’s office.

Wilson, who unsuccessfully tried to get Pasco out of the investigation, publicly stated that he had no knowledge of Piper’s conspiracy and told his accomplice to refrain from such attempts in the future.

Wilson’s run-way with Passover and his proximity to the Statehouse corruption investigation were thought to have stalled his political ascent, closing a door for the governor.

Eventually, the son of the US Rep. Joe Wilson ran for a third term as attorney general in 2018 and re-election.

SC political operatives said Wilson’s ties to the group, funded by last week’s robocall, would not look good on a campaign mailer, but he would not likely.

“It won’t be the political dynamite that some people think it is,” said longtime GOP advisor Kattan Dawson.

Glenn Smith contributed to this report.


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