Scott Frost to Nebraska is official –

Scott Frost to Nebraska is official


The biggest fish in the college soccer carousel has landed in Nebraska, the school announced.

After two seasons at UCF in which Scott Frost led the Knights to the best season in school history this year, Frost leaves Orlando to take over his alma mater's team. The Knights just won the AAC title over Memphis in a double OT thriller, and finished the season 12-0 before the plate. Frost was a Nebraska star quarterback in the 1990s, long before his coaching career took off. He will replace Mike Riley, who was fired after serving 19-19 in three years.

Why is he inside?

Frost has been a favorite of the coaching circuit since his UCF Knights had a scorching start to 2017. Both Florida and Nebraska seemed to have their eyes on Frost at the beginning of the cycle, and with no other outstanding real candidate in history. The coaches carousel, Frost's name was as good as any other.

Skillfully handled the difficult situation that one school is courting publicly while still working in another. It's a difficult needle to thread, but Frost did it.

"I'm going to score this week doing my job," said Frost. "We have a great game plan, we have to execute it, we can not beat Memphis unless we have 100% attention in this game and this challenge."

Was this the right movement?

The results in the field speak for themselves. Frost's offense is fast and furious and brought a program that went 0-12 three years ago to an undefeated regular season and a six-hole game.

Frost's offense will remind you of many Chip Kelly's in Oregon. Frost has been in many systems, but credits his time with Kelly as his most formative training experience.

"I do not think Chip Kelly gets enough credit for affecting college football," Frost told SB Nation in an interview in October. "You look back when this offense started, everyone else was running something that seemed more in favor of style, now, look around the country and everyone is running a propagation version, a lot of them are tempo, and a lot of the schemes that we're running in & # 39; 07, & # 39; 08 & & # 39; 09, everyone is running. "

The Huskers expect this offense to be counterculture for the majority of the conference enough to allow Big Red to develop a recruitment niche that it really needs. Nebraska is the square peg in the round hole of the Big Ten.

Were there other candidates?

This thing has been Frost or bust since the beginning of the season. Once the former AD Shawn Eichorst received the order, he created a mandate for the new boss, Bill Moos, to hand over the soccer program if he deemed it appropriate. Former coach Mike Riley essentially trained a whole season, while basically the entire fan base openly courted Frost. Moos was very complimentary with Frost in early November.

For Nebraska, this is obvious. You bring back a native son and a former star who offers you a unique schematic niche to occupy in college football.

Where was he before?

In addition to being an alum from Nebraska and an badistant from Oregon, Frost is well traveled. He has coaching influences from some very remarkable places.

While Frost's college career ended in red Husker, it did not start there. Frost initially rejected the program of his hometown and went to Stanford. After two years, he transferred to Lincoln. Throughout his career in college and the NFL, he played for Bill Walsh, Tom Osborne, Bill Parcells, Mike Tomlin and Jon Gruden.

Frost had a five-year career in the NFL for four different teams. He studied at Kansas State and was a defensive badistant in Northern Iowa before landing in Oregon in 2009. From there, he took the UCF position in 2016.

But he is most notable for leading the Huskers to the divided national championship. in 1997. He has won one as a player. Will one win as a coach?

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