Scott Frost hired by Nebraska, and this offense is going to be very fun –

Scott Frost hired by Nebraska, and this offense is going to be very fun


There have been many bad things about the Nebraska soccer team in recent years, and really, since the Huskers stopped dominating at the turn of the century. But particularly during Mike Riley's 19-19 career for three years, the Huskers were not only mediocre. They were also bored, even when they were pretty good.

All university offenses have some principles of dissemination, but Riley's offense was largely pro-style. That can be fun if you have good, powerful runners who throw themselves over people and athletic tight ends doing good catches, but Nebraska's bad offenses were not even nice to watch. There were few great calls that would make you look up and say, "Hmm, that was smart!"

Now Nebraska has Scott Frost. First of all, Frost's offenses are good offenses.

Frost had a direct hand in one of the best offensive careers of any program at this time when he was a receiver coach and then an offensive coordinator in Oregon from 2009-15. In the last three years, when Frost was in charge, Oregon was fourth, fourth and fifth in the country in offensive scoring.

When he took over UCF in 2016, the Knights bounced from 126th out of 128 teams in scoring offense to 66th place. And this year, they're number 1. They just put 62 in Memphis in a game for the AAC title by age, with Frost walking out the door.

Here is a sentence that has not yet been refuted: If Frost is running his offense and does not come from a season of 0-12, he's going to have an elite offense.

But also, Frost's offenses are funny . Nebraska will have fun again soon.

Here is a charming TD of flashes of reverse fleas, with a wrong direction by means of a throw to establish a bomb touchdown pbad against the defense of coverage 2.

(Lol before the idea of ​​a team of Riley Nebraska doing something like that.)

And I can interest you in a very long option shot that involves UCF choosing the same middle linebacker twice in a play and then scoring a rude TD?

And here's Frost running the option as QB Scout Team something like he did with Tom Osborne in Nebraska:

But hey, Midwesterners: Frost is pbadionate about offensive line play , as well.

Do you want an offense that involves intricate technique and power in the trenches? The greats are also creatively involved in Frost's offense. That's how it all worked at UCF:

In Year 1 at UCF, it was about learning the basics.

"We ran a lot of inland areas last year and we had limited success," said Frost. "I think that by entering this year with our guys understanding the schemes and everything else, we wanted to mix it up a lot more, the guys have done a good job with more plays on the call sheet every week."

There's still a lot of blocking zone …

… but where Frost's offense has fun is in the different ways he becomes offensive linemen. Frost's ground attack is no longer alone within the area. It is varied and deadly.

Here is a protector of the back (No. 73 in the middle, behind where the ball goes) pulling. Simple enough, right? Only a basic power game.

Well, here is a guard on the side of the game (No. 79 on the right, where the ball really goes) pulling.

Frost enjoys the run / pbad options, where the objective of the offense is to force the defense to enter making the wrong decisions no matter what choices he makes. This way:

Frost's offensives do not directly depend on mobile quarterbacks, but having a QB run game element is very important for what Frost does. His offensives in Oregon were supported by the threat of quarterbacks Marcus Mariota and Vernon Adams, and he began to use McKenzie Milton of UCF much more in the running game this year. We can expect Frost to recruit double threat types for Lincoln, not statues that sit in his pocket.

Frost is not a mad scientist. He is simply good.

Frost has a particular flare to cheat when pulling offensive linemen, and is clearly a good offensive mind. But some of the standards of this subject are only taught and executed well. Frost will improve Nebraska without reinventing the wheel himself.

"I do not think Chip Kelly gets enough credit for affecting college football," Frost told SB Nation this year, verifying the name of his Oregon boss and the current UCLA head coach. "You look back when this offense started, everyone else was running something that seemed more in favor of style, now, look around the country and everyone is running a propagation version, a lot of them are tempo, and a lot of the schemes that we're running in & # 39; 07, & # 39; 08 & & # 39; 09, they're all running. "

Across the country, there will be many more eyes in Nebraska in the future.

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