Scott Frost criticizes Nick Saban in the UCF national title argument

Around and around we go.

Five months ago, Central Florida, led by sporting director Danny White, began to declare itself a national champion for the 2017 season. Since then, what began as a history of unscrupulous homeless has morphed into a strange exchange between UCF and Alabama, the team that won the college football heat.

Nick Saban, who is not on board with the UCF claim, and Scott Frost escalated this week.

Scott Frost takes

Frost, now the head coach of Nebraska, was asked about Saban's opinion on the matter in an interview with the Omaha KETV television station. He made sure to point out some similar claims of the title in the history of Alabama.

"Alabama probably has one or two championships that claim they were not necessarily recognized by everyone," said Frost.

Frost inherited a UCF team that was winless in 2015 and transformed him into an undefeated AAC champion and Peach Bowl in 2017 before taking the same position in his alma mater. Earlier this month, he admitted he was a little uncomfortable with the continued presumptions of the UCF national title.

"All I'll say is that if we had stayed (at UCF), it would have been hard for me to get it," Frost said. He told USA Today. "I think he was smart for them, because he's kept UCF in the media and in the conversation, but you know, like our rings, I'd like my ring to just say & # 39; Undefeated Season & # 39; and & # 39; Peach Bowl Champion & # 39 ;. "

Those feelings, however, did not stop him from responding with that brief blow to Saban.

Take of Nick Saban

At first, Saban, the former coach of Alabama, was mostly indifferent about it. Before his team beat Georgia in the game for the CFP title in January, Saban said he was "fine" with the UCF title, but that "means nothing to anyone but themselves."

In an interview with USA Today, he took things a step further.

"If you respect and respect the system we have, (in spite of) some of the imperfections that you understand that the system has, then you would not do anything out of respect for the system we have," Saban said. "I think that anyone has the prerogative to claim something, but self-proclaiming is not the same as winning it, and there are probably a significant number of people who do not respect the people who call themselves."

How do we get here?

UCF, the only team that was unbeaten in 2017, has taken this national title thing to what some might say are, um, extreme lengths. There have been parades, rings and even a banner at the Spectrum Stadium.

The Knights sailed during the regular season 11-0 before sending Memphis to the game for the AAC title. Even so, the Knights reached only No. 12 in the final ranking of University Playoff Football. From there, UCF defeated SEC Auburn runner-up in the Peach Bowl to finish 13-0 and immediately began the campaign for the national championship. It continued even after Alabama won the CFP title.

Why UCF declared itself national champion, anyway?

Although it frustrated some people backwards, White was making a point. When UCF ranked 14th in the penultimate ranking of the CFP selection committee, White told Yahoo Sports that he "could not accept disrespect" for the AAC.

Bill Hanbad, CFP's executive director, said UCF's ranking was where it was due to the strength of the team's schedule. White never bought that line. Instead, he believes that the committee has "an inherent bias that needs to be called." After the Peach Bowl, Frost said there seemed to be a "conscious effort" from the CFP committee to "make sure they did not have a problem if they put (UCF) too high." Frost has not backed down from that position, even since he took the Nebraska work.

When will it end?

These things are in high season, right? With real-life football still months away, do not expect journalists to stop asking the figures involved about this, especially after Alabama eliminated UCF from its 2023 calendar to finish a series of home and home with Texas.

UCF, even with former Missouri offensive coordinator Josh Heupel on the team as head coach, probably will not mind. In March, the school claimed that the last three games of the 2017 season – victories over South Florida, Memphis and Auburn – earned him more than $ 171 in exposure.

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