Scott Coker says he has reached for Brock Lassner’s team

UNCASVILLE, Con. – For Scott Coker, a lot of questions need to be answered before a full assessment of Brock Lesnar’s chances of fighting in Belter.

That said, if Lesnar (5–3 MMA) is a free agent (according to recent reports state), and if he is interested in returning to fight, Coker feels Belter might turn it down – Especially with Fader Emelianenko, an adversary called a fan. Long wanted to see Lassner fighting on his roster.

Since reports recently surfaced, Coker said he reached out to Lesnar to let him know they were here if he was contract-free, interested, and wanted to talk business.

“The situation with Brock Lesnar is that I have no idea if he’s a free agent,” Coker told the MMA junkie after his CBS Sports press conference on Friday. “I don’t know if he wants to fight or not. I do not know what his position is. I reached out and talked to him and said, ‘Hey, if Brock wants to fight Fader, then we have the man who can be that fight that never happened.’ We will see what happens. We’ll see if that’s something she’s serious about. Only Brock knows. ”

If Lassner is fond of fighting in Belter, Coker is confident that he can do it. While Lesnar will not be a cheap commodity, Coker predicted those highs at Viacom, Showtime, and will see returns in investment beyond.

“If he was available, I’m sure we could strike a deal,” Coker said. “I’ll go right to my CEO Bob Bakish, and talk to him about it. I would say, ‘This is a great opportunity.’ I would bring Stephen Espinoza (and) David Navins to the mix because it would probably be a big commitment, but it is a big piece of business, as well. ”

Lesnar has not competed since UFC 200 in July 2016, when he defeated Mark Hunt by unanimous decision. The win was later reversed after Lesnar tested positive for clomiphene. Soon after, the UFC announced that the former heavyweight champion had retired for the second time in six years.

Belter returned to “FightSphere” this week with back-to-back events. Bellator 246 takes place on Saturday at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Unesville, Conn., With the main card set at Paramount and streamed after prelims on the MMA junkie on DMZN. Friday, Bellator 245 goes down at the same location.

Watch Scott Coker’s full Bellator 245 and Bellator 246 pre-fight news conference in the video above.