Scott, an Arizona man, recalled the classic RCP scene from & # 39; The office & # 39; to save the life of the woman


A clbadic scene from a decade-long episode The office AP reports helped an Arizona mechanic save the life of an unconscious woman. the Arizona Daily Star Reports that Cross Scott, 21 years old, found a woman locked in his car this month and came in, discovering he was not breathing. The man from Tucson does not have any emergency training, but he thought about the program where the character of Steve Carell does CPR to the rhythm of the song "Stayin & # 39; Alive" by the Bee Gees.

The song has the correct tempo for chest compressions. After a minute, the woman was breathing and they took her to a hospital and then released her. Scott, who shares the last name of Carell's character, Michael Scott, was helped by two women who also stopped when they saw the car and called 911. (In another life-saving incident, a fifth grader jumped into a pool to lift a man drowning.)

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