Scoop: Trump Fails China’s Last-Minute Plan

President Trump will implement A series of tight policies during his final 10 weeks to consolidate his legacy on China, senior administration officials told Axios with direct knowledge of the plans.

Why it matters: He will try to make it politically unstable for the Biden administration as China operates aggressively from India to Hong Kong to Taiwan, and the epidemic triggers a second global wave of shutdowns.

  • See National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe in public for detailed information about China’s nefarious act within the US

description: Trump officials plan to approve or restrict trade with more Chinese companies, governmental entities and officials in Xinjiang and Hong Kong for human rights violations or endangering US national security.

  • The administration will also crack down on China for its labor practices beyond Xinjiang forced labor camps.
  • Officials say Taiwan is not expected to make major new moves or close more Chinese consulates.

National Security Council spokesman John Ulliot told Axios, “Until Beijing reverses course and becomes a responsible player on the global stage, future US presidents will find it politically suicidal to reverse President Trump’s historic actions.”

Behind the scenes: Senior administration officials are discussing expanding a Defense Department list of Chinese companies deemed to have ties to the Chinese military.

  • An executive order issued last week prohibits US investment in 31 companies, and will face similar restrictions as any additional possibility.
  • Officials plan to target China’s increased use of forced labor in the highly competitive fishing industry. Forced and unpaid labor is not just a human rights concern – it can give Chinese fisheries an advantage over rivals in an industry with geopolitical importance.
  • Another senior official said that Trump officials are trying to move Chinese experts into senior government roles.

What they are saying “Director Ratcliffe will continue to play a major role, in coordination with other national security principals, delivering an essential mindset shift from the Cold War and a great power competition with a short-sighted China in the 9–11 anti-terrorist eras,” DNI Senior advisor Cliff Sims tells Axios.

  • The Biden transition team declined a request for comment.


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