Scientists have found evidence of many underground lakes on Mars

Observing an area of ​​approximately 75,000 square kilometers in size, they found places that reflected back the signs in a way that indicated the presence of trapped water under one kilometer of ice. The main lake, which was discovered back in 2018, is 30 kilometers or 19 miles across, while the three smaller lakes around it are a few kilometers away.

While the findings of scientists are promising, some experts still believe that we will not find lakes on the red planet at all. Jack Jack Holt, a planetary scientist at NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Program, believes that there is enough heat flow below the surface of the planet for the water to remain liquid. And even if we find liquid water under Martian ice, it does not mean that we will find life too. See, lakes must be very salty to remain liquid, but their salt content should not exceed five times that of seawater that is capable of supporting life. As John Priscu, an environmental scientist at Montana State University, pointed out Nature:

“There’s not much active life there … Shiny Pool in Antarctica. They’re just pickles. And that may be the case [on Mars]. “

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