Scientists have called the orca attacks, ‘call reports’ extremely unusual.

According to reports from the Guardian, scientists believe they are terrified of an increase in aggressive orca activity, which collides with the Spanish and Portuguese shores of whale boats.

While the number of incidents involving orcas increased in the summer months, researchers noted that interactions between whales and boats are not uncommon, but the level of aggression displayed in July and August is “highly unusual.”

Researchers speculate that it may be competition for tuna populations along the coast, causing some crisis among whale populations. Alfredo López, coordinator of the study of marine mammals in Galicia, said Orca made his way to each coast in September to chase tuna.

Fisherman covered 2 kilometers on a 10-ft white seat

Since 1999, two of the common pods in the area have learned to take tuna from fishermen’s drop lines, resulting in many sustained injuries from the lines.

“We see the trail because of fishing lines,” Jorm Sailing, a marine biologist for firearm whale watching and research foundations, told the Guardian. “We hear about young orca.

However, the incidents are still considered unusual.

“These are very strange incidents,” says CJenian researcher AJKEL ANDREU KAJALLA. “But I don’t think they are attacking.


Rovio Espada, who works with the Marine Biology Laboratory at the University of Seville, said he was amazed by what he heard.

“It’s crazy to take out a piece of a fiberglass hull for killer whales,” Espada said. “I’ve seen these orcas growing up from infants, I know their life stories, I’ve never seen or heard of the attacks.”

Spanish maritime authorities have warned the ships “to keep distance”, but the sailors have found that the advice is difficult to follow, with reports ranging from brief but sudden skirmishes to a continuous run for an hour.

Alfonso Gómez-Jordana Martin, a member of a delivery crew boat, said his boat was intercepted by a pod of four orcs.

“Once we were stopped, they came fast: 10-15 nautical miles from a distance of 25 m,” Martin said. “The effect flipped sideways.

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The report of the skipper incident stated that the force “nearly dislodged Helman’s shoulder and stretched the entire yacht by 120 degrees.”