Scientists find a strange signal coming from our nearest neighbor star

Astronomers have surprisingly encountered a mystery close to Earth. Guardian And scientific American It is revealed that breakthrough Suno astronomers using the Parkes Telescope in Australia discovered a strange radio signal coming from Proxima Centauri, the star system closest to the Sun. The signal occupies an oddly narrow 982 MHz band that is unused by man-made spacecraft, yet is not possible through known natural processes. The frequency rises up, rather than down, as you would expect a planet.

Do not rely on it as a sign of aliens. Although Proxima Centauri hosts a potentially habitable planet, the signal has not been detected since its initial observation between April and May 2019. The decisive Listen said that it was still “carefully investigating” and that abnormal signals typically interfering researchers “cannot fully”. Explain. “As it is, it is highly unlikely that a radio-capable civilization could live almost next door without detection – Earth would have bathed in radio signals just -4.2 light years away from a planet.

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