Scientists discover stinky source of body odor

The original origin of BO has been revealed.

In the discovery that pungent people around the world will no doubt follow, British scientists have followed the smell of body odor as a “BO enzyme”, reflecting modern man.

According to SciTechDaily reports, the smelly study done by York University in collaboration with Unilever of the University of Sanitation may produce more effective deodorant in the future.

“Solving the structure of this ‘BO enzyme’ has allowed us to pinpoint the molecular phase inside some bacteria that makes odor molecules,” co-author of University of York Dr. Michelle Ruden said.

In particular, they have identified the DNA of Staphylococcus hominis bacteria, the main micro-organism involved in processing sweat molecules that smell the body. Earlier, researchers at the University of York discovered that only a few bacteria next to you facilitate stink, but had never seen the specific culprit until now.

As it turns out, this microscopic fungus cultivar was now present in our extinction, or should we say pre-stinky, prehistoric predecessors, and may have played an important role in social communication among early primates.

“This research was a real eye opener,” Unilever’s Dr. Said Gordon James, a co-author. “It suggests that a significant odor-forming enzyme is present only in a select few armpit bacteria – and was developed tens of years ago.”

More importantly, the findings may help deodorant firms to produce precise odor-smelling products that target deodorant microbes without killing the good bacteria – as with the traditional antagonistic approach. , CBS News reports. Think in terms of a sniper rifle instead of a daisy-cutter bomb.

Unfortunately, the study is considered preliminary until it is published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. It is to be presented on Monday at the Society for the Annual Meeting of General Microbiology in Birmingham, England.


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