Scientists Discover Mysterious ‘Void’ in Great Pyramid of Giza

(CNN) — Mystery isn’t any stranger to the Great Pyramid of Giza. For centuries, scientists and archaeologists have probed inside the most important and oldest of Egypt’s famed pyramids.

But till now none had stumbled upon a 30-meter-long house hidden inside its limestone and granite partitions.

An worldwide group of scientists has used trendy expertise to visualise the within of the pyramid, in response to an article revealed Thursday within the journal Nature.

Researchers hope the invention will badist them perceive extra absolutely how the large pyramid was constructed.

Scientists say the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt, holds an sudden secret.

The Great Pyramid incorporates three beforehand found rooms: the King’s chamber, a smaller Queen’s chamber and a pbadageway referred to as the Grand Gallery. But this marks the primary discovery of a significant house inside the traditional construction because the 19th century, the journal says.

The scientists work with ScanPyramids, a mission below the French Heritage, Innovation and Preservation Institute, the Faculty of Engineering of Cairo, and the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. The group utilized a physics approach that allowed them to trace particles referred to as muons, which come from cosmic rays hanging atoms within the higher ambiance. Once the particles fall and cross by way of totally different supplies, they lose power, inflicting them to sluggish and decay.

By utilizing detectors, scientists can depend the variety of muons pbading by way of the pyramid. Muons are partially absorbed by stone, so any giant holes within the pyramid would end in extra muons than anticipated touchdown on the detectors.

The researchers realized they had been on to one thing after they positioned their detectors contained in the Queen’s chamber of the pyramid and located an unexpectedly giant variety of muons pbading by way of, suggesting there was a beforehand unidentified “void,” or empty house, above the chamber.

Three groups of physicists repeated the measurements to make sure of their discovering. Each time, the conclusion was the identical.

The giant house may very well be horizontal, or sloped just like the Grand Gallery. Its goal, and what might lie inside, remains to be unclear. Scientists at the moment don’t have any plans to make use of an intrusive approach to seek out out.

“It’s the Great Pyramid, we can’t touch it,” stated Mohamed Ismail, a spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities.

Instead, the ministry needs different researchers to come back ahead with proposals to make use of totally different or extra superior methods to confirm the discovering.

“Even if it is a different team with the same technology,” Ismail stated. “Any intrusive technique is out of the question.”

The banning of intrusive methods, resembling drilling holes by way of the stone and inserting a digital camera, will stop injury to the pyramid, which sits 139 meters (about 455 ft) excessive and was constructed by Pharaoh Khufu some four,500 years in the past. It’s the most important of the group of pyramids at Giza, one of many Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and a significant vacationer attraction.

Ismail hopes the revealed badysis will spark a scientific debate about why the void exists and what may be inside. But he dismisses any theories that the house incorporates one other grand gallery or a burial chamber

“There is no scientific, archaeological or historical evidence that corroborates this,” he stated. “If there is another burial chamber, there would have been an entrance to it.”

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