Scientists captured the first photo of Quantum Tangle

Scientists captured the first photo of Quantum Tangle

Scientists captured the first photo of Quantum Tangle

Unless you are a quantum physicist, your immediate connotation for the phrase "action at a distance" may not evoke images of particle interaction.

Thanks to the new efforts of the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California, you can now see a picture of what Einstein called "spooky action at a distance."

The fundamental concept of action at a distance sustains not only the quantum theory, but nature itself, and simply presents the very real capacity of an object to be altered, mobilized or affected by another object without the help of physical or mechanical contact.


Although everything may sound like something science fiction and unrealistic at first, Einstein's "spooky" label referred to his astonishment at the seemingly instantaneous way in which this action can take place between two particles, no matter how large be the local distance between them.

Scientists have captured the first image of a phenomenon that Albert Einstein described as "ghostly action at a distance." The photo shows a strong form of quantum entanglement, where two particles interact and share physical states for a moment. @News from the BBC

– The SETI Institute (@SETIInstitute) July 13, 2019

This type of physics, also known as quantum entanglement or Bell entanglement after the physicist who established most of the bases for its early properties and uses, underlies much of our modern quantum computing and quantum computing.

Using a system that triggered a series of entangled photons from a source point of quantum light in various objects, a team of Glasgow physicists has taken a giant step in our understanding of particle entanglement.

The phenomenon was visually shown in materials in a state of liquid crystal, which changes the phase of the photons as they travel through them and resulted in this scientifically invaluable image.

The applications made possible by the understanding of this extraordinary SETI image exceed the description. In the worlds of 5G and beyond, it can eventually mean totally unbreakable encryption and new ways of obtaining images never seen before.

Einstein and Bell must surely agree with the approval of their quantum distance.

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