Scientists believe that abortion does not cause depression in women

The scientists conducted the study, during which it was learned that women do not suffer from depression due to abortion.

  Ученые полагают что аборт не вызывает депрессию у женщин

Scientists in Denmark observed 400 thousand women who did and did not perform abortions. According to Danish law, a woman can interrupt a pregnancy for up to 12 weeks, and then only for the threat of life to the mother.

Pro-life actions as they call themselves activists, aimed at a complete rejection of abortion, then resort to demonstrations, the production of various publications and religious training, who claim that abortion is unacceptable in the eyes of God . One of the statements of Pro-life is that in 81% of cases, women who have had an abortion, there is depression, that is, four out of five patients.

However, Danish researchers monitored women who decide their own destiny and the fate of the child. Antidepressants took 15% of women, even though the percentage of having an abortion was higher. However, scientists point out that drugs against depression were written to women for abortion or the following year. So, scientists believe that this study is more accurate than conventional anonymous survey women about their emotional state.


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