Scientists are fascinated by the discovery of the bizarre dinosaur

Scientists say they have never seen a new, unusual chicken-shaped dinosaur with fossil characteristics in the fossil record before.

According to one study, the new species Ubirajara jubatus, which is now northeastern Brazil, lived about 110 million years ago and was likely to have long mane-keratin with its back and hard ribbon. Published in the magazine Cretaceous Research.

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Researchers speculate that the ribbon-like features of the creature may be used to attract companion or intimidating adversities similar to peacock feathers.

“What is particularly unusual is the presence of two very long ones about the animal, perhaps with rigid ribbons on either side of its shoulders that were probably used for display, for companion attraction, inter-male rivalry or for the enemy To scare, “David Martill, a professor at the University of Portsmouth and an author of the paper, said.

“We cannot prove that the sample is a male, but given the disparity between male and female birds, it would seem that the sample was a male, and young, too, which is surprising given the most complex display abilities of mature adults. Are reserved for men, “said Martill.” Given its flamboyance, we can imagine dinosaurs engaging in elaborate dances to show off their gigantic structures. ”

The fossil was found in two slabs of stone, and researchers first used X-rays to search for hidden skeletal elements and soft tissue, allowing scientists to make a clear picture of the animal’s features.

A portion of the long, thick mane running down the back of the creature was almost intact. The study found that the dinosaur’s mane was likely controlled by the muscles that allowed it to lift, in the same way how a porcupine lifts its spine when threatened. The arms of the animal were also covered with fibers like fur under his hands.

Researchers say Ubirajara jubatus is also the first non-avian dinosaur to have wings in South America.

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