Scientist believes that alien killer robots eliminated extraterrestrial colonies

Artificial rogue intelligence could kill all forms of life in the universe.

The search for life in the solar system remains one of the most intriguing possibilities for humanity, but until now, the search did not yield measurable results. A scientist thinks he knows the reason why – alien robots.

Although it sounds like the name of a science fiction movie or a new video game, The Daily Mail reports that the theoretical physicist Alexander Berezin of the National University of Electronic Technology Research in Russia believes that intelligence artificial is the reason why humans have not found extraterrestrial life.

Berezin's theory of alien killer robots explains the "Fermi paradox", which gets its name from the physicist Enrico Fermi. The paradox exists because of the high probability that there is alien life somewhere in the universe, and yet, to date there is no proof that such a life exists, according to a report by Metro .

According to Berezin, the reason for the "Fermi paradox" is that advanced civilizations destroy other life forms in the universe with their technology. The physicist said that his theory "predicts a future for our civilization worse than extinction."

He believes that dishonest artificial intelligence rebelled against its creators and annihilated life forms or that the biological way of life resembled humans who inadvertently killed others when they tried to colonize other planets and areas of the universe. In his article, Berezin wrote: "I am not suggesting that a highly developed civilization consciously obliterates other forms of life, it is more likely that they simply do not realize it, just as a construction team demolishes an anthill to build real estate because they have no incentives to protect it. "

The alien killer robots may have annihilated all the extraterrestrial civilizations of the universe, scientific claims

– prmorthons (@PrMorthons_PhD) May 29, 2018

Ultimately, his idea presents a rather bleak future picture for humanity in any way. If humanity achieves large-scale interstellar travel, it believes that it is doomed to eliminate all other life forms inadvertently (or possibly on purpose). However, if humanity fails to conquer the stars and begins to colonize any of the other possibly habitable places within this universe at some time in the future, then it is doomed to be annihilated by another life form or extraterrestrial killer robots.

Of course, this is just one possible solution to the "Fermi paradox". Another possibility is that the distance between advanced civilizations is too great to communicate, so a civilization would be extinguished before such communication attempts reach another place, and that is why there is no evidence of extraterrestrial life. Another option is that the necessary advances to fully explore and colonize the universe would actually lead to the destruction of the life form itself.

No matter what the reason, until now humanity has no evidence of extraterrestrial life forms, and who knows? These strange alien killer robots could play a role in that lack of knowledge.


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