Schwarzkopf Hair Dye Blister’s Mum’s S scalp after an allergic reaction

A mom remained hospitalized after suffering a severe reaction to the hair dye, which left her scalp covered in blisters and her eyes were swollen and closed.

Leonie Dee, 27, wanted to dye her hair two different shades, using Schwarzkopf Live in ‘Cosmic Blue’ and ‘Ultra Violet’, which cost her £ 4.79 each.

The mother of four says she did a patch test for both products as instructed to make sure she didn’t have an adverse reaction.

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

However, whin Leonime came to dye the top half of her hair dark blue colour, she was horrified to discover that her skin began to blister and swell.

After being hospitalized for 36 hours, she has now vowed never to dye her hair again.

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

Leonie, who works as a cleaner for her local GP in Aberaeron, Wales, said: “It was really scary; at one point, they were concerned that the swelling might move to the front of my throat.

“I even asked them at the hospital if they would help me with shaving all my hair. I was ready to do it if it had made a difference.”

“But the dye had already absorbed into my scalp, so there was nothing to do but wait for the swelling and blisters to subside.

“I will definitely never dye my hair again, let it grow out and then let it go.”

Leonie said she used to dye her hair regularly as a teenagerBut after having kids, now 11, 10, three and six months old, she found she ‘couldn’t be bothered’ and hadn’t had it dyed for seven years.

As she ‘imagined a change’ this time, she said she was ‘really religious’ about reading the brochure in the box and doing the patch test.

There were no problems with the patch test, so he went ahead and stained the lower half of hair purple.

“That went well,” she said.

“Then I gave it a couple of days before applying the blue hair dye to the top half of my head around 5.30pm on Thursday.

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

“When I woke up the next morning, my ears and the side of my neck had started to swell a bit, but I was able to handle it just fine by just taking some allergy tablets that I had at home.”

When Leonie woke up on Saturday morning, she found that her hairline was’ covered in these big blisters and his eyes were so swollen that he couldn’t see anything.

She wass rushed to Aberystwyth Hospital at 6pm on Saturday night, spending 36 hours there being treated with steroids, anti-allergy tablets and creams, and it was also put a drip of liquid.

Leonie said: “The blisters kept popping up and oozing blue tint.

“They had to keep the lights off on my hospital bed because the light irritated my eyes. All I could do was sit back and wait for it to get better.”

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

He came home on Monday morning at 10:30 a.m. M. But the swelling it has not come down completely.

“I just need to keep taking the medicine and wait for my hair to grow back and get back to normal,” he said.

Leonie said that since then she has done more research on the Schwarzkopf hair dye, and I found out that the darkest colors such as Cosmic blue they have a higher concentration of their active ingredients, to which you think you have reacted.

She is also sent an online questionnaire to Schwarzkopf in the first step of filing a complaint.

LADbible has contacted Schwarzkopf for comment.


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