Schumer calls for DOJ watchdog to investigate Trump’s attempt to exclude actor AG

Senate Leader Chuck SchumerChuck Schumerdivided and victory or united and prosperous crying is not enough: Why do Black women want the end of the Hyde Amendment National Guard inside the Capitol after black women are moved to parking garages (DN.Y.) called the Department of Justice’s internal sentinel to investigate the former President TrumpDonald Trump McCarthy says he told Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green disagrees with articles of impeachment against Biden Biden, Trudeau agrees to meet next month Trump plans to sack acting AG to reverse election results: report more A blatant report released on Friday stated that he tried to remove his former acting Attorney General from the post in a conspiracy to reverse the election results.

Schumer tweeted, “Non-judgmental a Trump Justice Department leader must break people’s will.” “The Justice Deputy Inspector General should now launch an investigation into this effort.”

Schumer said the Senate would “go ahead” with the impeachment trial on Trump over his role in inciting the Jan. 6 riot in the Capitol. The trial will begin on 8 February.


The comments came a day after The New York Times published a blatant report that Trump tried to oust his acting attorney general in Georgia in a bid to reverse the presidential election results.

The then acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen replaced Jeffrey Clarke, a Justice Department lawyer who was seen as more responsive to Georgia’s plan to pressure politicians. Rosen refused to support Trump’s evidence-rich claims that voter fraud cost him the election

The plot collapsed only after the plan was uncovered by a group of Justice Department (DOJ) officials and Ann Masse was threatened with resignation when Rosen was thrown out.

The report was just the latest revelation of Trump’s latest revelation of his campaign to reverse the results of the presidential election he had lost. Trump had run against his loss, citing claims of no voter fraud, and overturned it by filing dozens of lawsuits, pressuring state lawmakers to send their voters to the electorate instead of voters, and Even keep leaning on the former Vice President. Mike penceMichael (Mike) Richard Pencens Plans to Turn Out Acting AG to Reverse Georgia Election Results: The report describes Trump’s actions as to why Congress should pass for the People’s Act Cheney Trump after GOP Hold of Blocking Biden’s certificate of victory.


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