School closes after teachers test positive for coronovirus

The Samuel Ward Academy in Haverhill, COFEL, has closed after testing five employees for COVID-19. (Google)

A school has closed after two teachers tested positive for coronovirus within two days of its reopening.

Samuel Ward Academy in Poweredhall is closed for deep cleaning on Monday after positive COVID-19 tests.

It reopened to some students last Thursday and many more were due to return on Mondays from other year groups.

The school was forced to close on the advice of Public Health England.

Last week, there were queues at the gates as schools reopened across the UK.

Five members of the teaching staff at Samuel Ward Academy have tested positive for COVID-19, while the other two are awaiting their results.

In a statement, the school said the closure was a “precautionary measure” and was expected to reopen on Tuesday.

Headteacher Andy Hunter said: “Safety of students and school workers is my biggest priority.

“It is obviously a big disappointment after working so hard to get the school back up and running.

“We will be looking closely at the systems that we employed to try to understand how the transmission happened and to make sure that we will do everything possible to limit the possibility of the same thing again.

He said, ‘I am very disappointed with this beginning of school. We have taken very broad precautions.

He said, “We are happy that this term began last week and were waiting for the final two-year groups.

Last week many schools opened their doors to students.  (AP photo)
Last week many schools opened their doors to students. (AP photo)

“We are determined to do all we can to prevent further spread of the virus and agree precautionary action to close the school.”

The school said that anyone who is in close contact with the infected employees has been contacted and asked to be isolated for 14 days.

Further contact tracing will continue and additional students and staff may be asked to self-isolate.

Stuart Keeble, director of public health at Suffolk County Council, said: “Possibly, this news may concern Suffolk’s parents, but it is important to remember that the risk of children contracting COVID-19 is still very small.

“The evidence suggests that children are more likely to contract COVED-19 at home.”

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