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Scholarship Speech & # 39; Wonder Woman & # 39; of Gal Gadot emphasizes that all superheroes do not use layers – VIDEO

In an effort to support the aspirations of women in education, Gal Gadot presented a scholarship Wonder Woman to a well-deserved candidate who will receive a full four-year trip to Loyola Marymount University, according to for The Hollywood Reporter . The event marks another decisive moment of the actor's dedication to inspire young women.

On the morning of Wednesday, December 6, Gadot took the stage at The Hollywood Reporter & # 39; s 2017 Women in Entertainment breakfast to present the first Wonder Woman awrd de Warner Bros. Addressing the crowd on the importance of supporting the leaders of tomorrow, Gadot explained,

"I have had the privilege of portraying a superhero on screen, but the young people of today are the real superheroes. challenges in their lives and feel impelled to do more, they are the true leaders of tomorrow. "

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"He's strong, stubborn and courageous wants to be a writer, and it impressed all who know her. Her fellow trainees, their teachers and all who are in this room met. with her, but she will not be able to continue in LMU without this funding, like many other great young women in this program, her education is hanging by a thread ".

The prize was apparently a complete surprise for the recipient who took the stage, taking Gadot and the rest of the audience to the edge of excitement when sharing a quote from Frida Kahlo, "Feet, why do I need you when I have wings to fly?" questioned the student, while explaining that she was lucky to "be informed from an early age that I have wings."

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The entire ceremony, which focused on the empowerment of women, emphasized raising and building a strong and powerful women's society around the world. In addition to this. award, three other scholarships were presented to women in LMU by Justin Timberlake, according to THR . Both Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Pascal were honored at the event with reports indicating that Sarah Silverman served as the opening ceremony, while Angelina Jolie assumed the role of keynote speaker for the morning.

The show of support among women in entertainment industry has become a crucial element, now more than ever, in light of the growing number of accusations of sexual assault, which have been filed against powerful men in Hollywood in the last months. And while enduring abuse and discrimination against women is by no means a new concept for many who have suffered a lifetime of injustice and inequality, the recent revolution of whistleblowers, sympathizers and game changers seems to help strengthen relationships that women have with each other.

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It's a movement that Gadot has apparently devoted his voice to as an artist, since he jumped into the limelight with his interpretation of Wonder Woman. He once told Rolling Stone :

The commitment to elevate and promote the success of women has become an imperative issue in which everyone must get involved, so that our next generation does not have to suffer anymore. the "wonderful women" like Gadot and Carla, the change is on the horizon.

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