Schiff accuses Barr of lying about China’s election threat.

Chairman of House Intelligence Committee Adam shiffAdam Bennett SchiffHillicon Valley: The Pentagon decides to award Microsoft a JEDI contract Schiff asks officials to brief on election security threats. Schiff asked Intel officials to brief House panel on election security threats as Democrats seek new ways to revive election security details (D-California.) Accused the Attorney General on Sunday William BarrBill Barraris hit Trump, Barr for denying systemic racism in justice system: They ‘spend time in a different reality’ Trump’s policies on refugees are as simple as ABC Jimmy Carter supports absentee ballots, says Are that he has used them for over five years. When he said that China is the biggest threat to US elections this year.

“In an interview with CNN, Schiff said,” This is only a false statement by the Attorney General, a flat-out false statement. “Bill Barr only misled the American people in that statement.”

Shriff’s comments came just days after Barr asked about US intelligence, stating that Russia, China and Iran wanted to intervene in the 2020 elections. Asked whose efforts to pay attention were the most aggressive, Barr said that the intelligence he saw was China. However, he said he could not provide details about that conclusion.

Schiff rejected Barr’s remarks, stating that “this is a disservice to the nation that we cannot trust our own attorney general.”

“But apparently Bill Barr is willing to do anything or say anything to help Donald Trump,” he said.

Asked if he was accusing Barr of lying, the California Congressman said “basically what he is doing.”

“I hesitate to say that, but this is the reality,” he said, pointing to the statements of a top US intelligence official about the differences between Russia and China’s intervention efforts. “Bill Barr is not going to itemize intelligence because it is just an incorrect statement.”

The Justice Department did not immediately return a request for comment from The Hill.

The US intelligence community has concluded that Russia actively intervened in the 2016 election to harm the Democratic presidential nominee. Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham Clinton Atlantic’s Trump Report: We Should Know the Sources of a Story It’s important what the numbers say about Trump’s chances at a reunion outlines the White House and Labor Day strategy for winning.Candidacy and promotion President TrumpDonald John TrumpShumer to investigate report of campaign finance disturbances by DeJoy’s former company McCarthy that Trump would harm Republicans in mail-in voting: report Iran broadcast Trump’s tweet to wrestler’s confession..

William Ivanina, director of the National Countiglance and Security Center, warned earlier this year that Russia was making similar efforts to spread disinformation to weaken the 2020 elections and weaken American institutions.

Evinina said in July that China’s efforts were focused on shaping the “policy environment” in the US, with the understanding that it could also affect the 2020 elections. He said in August that the country prioritizes Democratic presidential candidates. Joe BidenThe BidenTrump campaign serves to set the narrative ahead of the pivot debate with Biden Massachusetts, proving that Puerto Ricans are the secret key to the demo’s victory in November. Trump says officials will investigate whether California is using 1619 Because it considers Trump unpredictable.

He said that Russia’s intervention efforts were mainly focused on maligning the former vice president.

Barr’s comments about China were echoed by the National Security Advisor Robert o bryanRobert O’Briencashner, O’Brien Join Delegation in First Flight from Israel to UAE Overnight Defense: Marine Corps GOP Conference Video Overcomes criticism of Marine’s presence. US soldiers injured in Russian vehicle collision in Syria | Vindaman asks Dems to investigate retaliation allegations as Democrats investigate retaliation allegations against the Vindaman brothers at Pentagon Watchdog Last week. The official said the administration knew that China had “the greatest program to influence the United States politically”, although it did not provide details.


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