Scarborough and Brzezinski respond to Trump’s murder charge


Like many other mornings, President Donald Trump began watching television on Wednesday and sharing his thoughts on Twitter. According to the schedule of the White House, his day would not officially begin until an intelligence briefing at 11 a. M., But during the previous hours, he busied himself on Twitter: sending comments to Fox & Friends distributing anti-Muslim videos, praising himself, calling for the CNN boycott and encouraging the dismissal of NBC executives and Comcast for promoting "false news". Then, at 9:14, shortly thereafter Morning Joe finished, he sent this:

The "unsolved mystery" he referred to took place in 2001, a few months after then-congressman Joe Scarborough announced that I planned to resign. On the morning of July 19, two constituents entered the Florida district office of Scarborough to find the body of Lori Klausutis, its director of 28-year-old constituent services. A forensic doctor would finally rule that Klausutis died when he lost consciousness and collapsed on a desk and hit his head due to an undiagnosed heart problem. The authorities said there were no signs of foul play. "We know for sure that she was not hit in the head because of the nature of the injury," the coroner told the media, according to the Associated Press. However, the death of Klausutis has for years been a matter of speculation among what Gawker once called "a surprisingly varied cross section of conspiracy theorists and Poirots."

What brings us to the president. In a statement to in New York by NBC, the presenter and fiancee of Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, said: "I will speak for Joe and me here because Joe has stated that responding to President Trump's tweets is a waste of his time Today the president crossed another deeply disturbing line.With his attack on Joe this morning, the chief law officer of the United States of America proposed a theory of false conspiracy to intimidate the press and cause an effect chilling in the 1st Amendment, Joe and I are not intimidated and their strange behavior contravenes both the Constitution and the basic moral judgment.This is all we are going to say about it.We continue to focus on more pressing issues such as the nuclear conflict with North Korea – We hope the president does the same. "

When asked what Trump meant when he said:" investigate! "Regarding Kla's death Usutis, neither the communications director of the White House, Hope Hicks, nor the press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded. [19659006] "It's amazing," said a former Trump adviser to New York about his decision to attack Scarborough over the death of Klausutis. But a second previous advisor did not agree. "I think the president is playing a dangerous game," the source said. "Its own accusers, credible or not, almost ruin it." Incurring this is inadvisable. "

Not advisable, but apparently irresistible. Trump's commitment to minor conflicts is legendary. His fight with Rosie O & # 39; Donnell, for example, has lasted for more than a decade, through a presidential election and a takeover. It is safe to badume that Joe and Mika, who were once their friends, are on a similarly long road, just like any other American.

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