Scalper Pre-Orders 2,000 PlayStation 5 Console

Last week, various retailers restored PlayStation 5 following unbelievable demand, but a scalar on the internet managed to pre-order itself to a staggering 2,000 units.

“It gets easier every time,” Scalar – who is known as Carnage – took to Twitter to explain how to pre-order the PS5 console from the UK retailer Game. Naturally, the Internet was offended by the post, as several players tried but failed to secure pre-orders. Many criticized Carnage for his actions, and expressed his outrage, with one user saying “at this point [it’s] Not worth trying anymore “and another comment that it’s” completely *****. “

Some users even reached out to GAME, requesting them to cancel prior orders to prevent scalpers like Carnage from taking advantage of the system, prompting a company spokesperson to respond with an official statement That all orders are subject to investigation. “At the present time these orders are still pre-orders and as such, no payment has been taken from customers yet,” the spokesperson said. “Payment will begin after our order check is completed.” However, there is no assurance that Carnage’s orders will actually be rescinded.

In other gaming news, Top legends Has introduced a new explosive character for its eighth season.

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