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Say goodbye to that green lock & # 39; in Google Chrome

Google is progressively removing the green lock icon and the "Secure" tag next to URLs in Chrome, noting that secure websites should be the norm on the Internet.

At this time, all HTTPS websites display that lock and label if you are visiting the page in Google Chrome browser, indicating that you are visiting a secure encrypted and protected against cyber attacks page. The goal of Google is to ensure that 100 percent of the Internet is HTTPS, and it is getting close enough.


Say goodbye to the green lock.


By May 12, 83% of the websites visited by people browsing Chrome with Windows were HTTPS pages. You've reached the point for Google, where you're much more likely to visit an HTTPS page in Chrome than an unsecured page.

With that mentality, if something is the norm, you do not really need a label that tells you that everything is normal. Therefore, Google is choosing to get rid of the "Secure" tag before September and, finally, stop showing the lock.

"Since we will soon start marking all HTTP pages as 'non-secure', we will move towards the removal of Chrome's positive security indicators so that the default unchecked status is secure," Emily said. Schechter, director of security products for Chrome. in a blog post on Thursday.

Instead, Google will choose to make a larger offer among people who visit non-HTTPS websites, with a red warning icon and an "Unsecured" tag in the URL bar. That will start showing this October.

Google announced plans to display "Not secure" for all non-HTTPS websites starting in July.

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