Save $ 100 on the latest iPad, plus video games are "buy two, get one free" at Target

Thursday is Valentine's Day. Go out to dinner, walk together and maybe exchange one or two gifts. If there is a gap in the last part, we have some gift ideas that you can enjoy together. On the other hand, today's offers also make gifts to give away in case of trouble.

Perfect for a Windows or MacOS computer that needs a great speed, SanDisk's Ultra SSD line has a small discount today, enough for them to match their lower prices. If 500 GB is all you need, it's $ 67.99 at this time instead of around $ 75 or more. Doubling the space to 1TB will cost $ 129.99. These have fast read / write speeds and are covered by a five-year warranty. If you want them for external use for your computer or console, this affordable SSD case will do the trick.

If "I need more space for games on my Nintendo Switch" is a common complaint in your home, the SanDisk 400GB microSD card is currently unparalleled in value and matches the lowest price of today: only $ 79.89.

Some of the best deals from last week are still in effect, including the most powerful Google Pixelbook configuration, which you can still find for approximately $ 450 of its usual price of $ 1,649. You can no longer buy it directly through Amazon, although other reputable sellers that ship quickly through Amazon Prime offer it for around $ 1,176, which is a bit cheaper than what we saw last week.

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The last generation of iPad was also highlighted last week with a discount of $ 100 over its usual price. This agreement for the 128GB model reduces the price to $ 329.99, or what the 32GB version usually costs. Saving money on the tablet makes buying the $ 129 Apple Pencil or the $ 69.99 Logitech Crayon pen a bit easier.

The Roav Jump Starter Pro from Anker is the device that I wanted to have on hand during the last weekend, when the sudden temperature drop during the night left our car unable to start. Usually $ 99.99, the 800A version is $ 74.99 with the offer code ROAVR320 used in billing at Amazon. This portable battery can charge smartphones and tablets, but it also claims to be able to start 6.0L gasoline and 3.0L diesel engines, and can provide a reading of your car's battery voltage on your screen.

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Target has a "buy two, get one free" sale in video games. This promotion excludes certain titles, some of which include all Nintendo 3DS and Switch games. However, it is still an affordable way to get the likes of Red Dead Redemption 2, Kingdom Hearts 3Y Resident Evil 2 For the price of two games. This promotion is also repeated in unpublished titles such as Anthem, Sekiro: Shadows die twiceY MLB: The Show 19.

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