There are 5 marks that show heart problems


There are 5 marks that show heart problems


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There are signs that indicate heart problems

Its heart is the main organ in the human body, and its; affect the injuries of any disease in life, and forgetting to cause adverse effects.

The main factors that may show the first heart problem:

Continuous killer

Continuous and continuous marriage can be a sign of cardiovascular problems. Therefore, attention must be paid to phlegm's color, if pink is a symbol of heart failure.

2. Voice of the legs

The swelling of the legs is one of the symptoms that are a fault in the work of their heart, as the imbalance in the work of the blood vessels is and not to cause; pumping the blood required, causing the survival of their legs and the cancer.

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3 – feeling suffering

Often it is not a hard cattle in a burden. But this particular situation, coupled with a feeling of weakness, is usually a sign of being able to invade heart, especially when it feels that it has been removed from the place to be & # 39; lie down.

4 – colored peel color

The color of the skin is a & # 39; getting scarce as a result of enough blood in the movie filters, ie, the lack of red blood cell cells to reach & # 39; skin. If you keep this situation, decide with your cartoonist.

5 – irregular flies

One of the most common causes of heart arrhythmias is mental quotes, because in this case, the number of catecholamines (escape and hormone fighting, which is cured by adrenal glands), is a & # 39; including adrenaline, which directly affects how a heart disease works.

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