The famous actor Maxim Khalil: I will not go to Syria but in this case

The famous actor Syrian, Maxim Khalil, who defines the assadance of Assad, explained the date he returned to Syria and Syrian dramatists.

Khalil said in an interview with Lebanese newspaper "Al Akhbar" why he had gone to Syria drama: "This question is very long and will explain time," says " # 39; I left the Syria drama.

"I can not take part in a drama that does not talk about truth in Syria with truth and integrity," he said, saying: "Projects must tell the truth they are.

"I will not return to Syria or to projects, I will not return to that drama that is reflected in my country," he said, "I will not return if I can not say what I want to say in the drama and others And what can I say on the Syrian screen. "

"Media Revolution 7" was held two days ago, a news conference to launch its "Maker of Dreams" company, which will be presented next Ramadan on screen, "Abu Dhabi" , by singer Sirian Maxim Khalil, who lost two years Ramadan dam.

Maxim Khalil strongly supports Syrian rebuilding, so he had to leave Syria as a result of security harassment and the threat of death just.

In October 2015, the Syrian government gave two warranties to face the first, issued by the General Information Service Number. 78442, and the second one with the Political Security, as well as his wife (Sawsan Arshid), because of his ideas in support for the Syrian issue. On lists of the security system mechanisms, and the honor of my chest, "according to his newspaper (Hebrew).

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