News of accidents – falls of old drugs to west Alexandria without injury

Disaster news – fall of some old drugs on the plains of Alexandria without wounds

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Parts of an old 3-storey building at the west end of Alexandria, Monday night, have fallen apart without damaging or destroying a neighboring estate.

Alexandria Governorate, a former department, reported that parts of the building had fallen. 30 Karam Street, off Joudeh Street in Al-Gomrok, has no injuries.

The survey revealed that the building comprised a low floor and two upper floors, an old building, uninhabited, that parts of the second floor and broken walls have collapsed.

Some, Sahar Shaaban, the head of Al-Gomrok in Alexandria, said it was decided that the land was demolished by the Fall Foundations Committee and not let by the building owners.

The head of the law said the building had been sculpted and had been removed to the contractor for demolition of the dangerous parts, due to walkers and outbuildings.

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