News 24 Zoran: The pitch was not changed and the water was not the main problem

PhotographZoran Mamic, Al Hilal's coach, confirmed that Hafr Al Batin was not enough enough for today's game.

He said in a news statement: "Al-Hilal's players and their best players have heard the news, the blade was not well prepared and land does not help the players to have the potential to show them. "

He said: "It's important in such games to come out with the three points … And our focus is now on the next game."

"Water was not a major problem, but it was expected that the ground would be better than it was."

"My backrest options are limited to three players," he said. "BRIC was very tired of this season. I had to be relaxed and I should not take part for 90 minutes."

"Al-Shalhoub would have replaced the place of Atif and Al-Shalhoub. When preparing for change, we focused on it, and changed the option with Carilo."

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