News 24 What do the air tickets cost from each ticket?

PhotographWhat product does aeronautical produce come from? Is fuel a maximum cost of air travel?

The British Telegraph newspaper reported the real cost of air travel and provided a detailed description of it, beginning with aeronautic costs, indicating that the edges are less than many people think .

The "Why Flight Is Too Expensive", which was produced by Windover Productions, was named as a flight from New York to Washington, which will take one hour and 20 minutes to measure its cost.

According to the report, the average cost of a trip ticket on this line is $ 80, and its company is & # 39; earning a $ 10 profit per passenger at the latest.

Telegraph said that although the accountable figures relate to air travel costs in the United States, related to air travel anywhere else in the world with limited changes to taxes and taxes.


According to the report, the trip costs $ 2.5 per fuel, $ 1.5 for crew salaries (pilot and four hostels), 13.50 for airport charges, 11.50 for airfare (Airbus A320Ni), 0.25 for insurance, 14 for maintenance, 15.60 for taxes and $ 10 for the operating cost of the air.

"There are many other expenses included in the tank without fuel, the plane is expensive, the Airbus A380 Niu, a standard type of gear, is worth $ 107 million and can carry up to 60,000 aircraft a year," the report says.

Based on his / her price, a fee should be charged at $ 1,783 per trip for 154 passengers, which is $ 11.50 per ticket per trip.

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