"Arabia Expo" is the result of Russia's organic output to the Arab world


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The fourth exhibition, "Arabia Expo", will be held in Moscow between 8 and 10 April, with the 12th session of the Russian and Arab Businessers Conference.

A wide-ranging Arab partnership will be present at the event. The pavilion also includes many goods and services offered by Arab companies.

In a special interview with the group "Sputnik", President of the Arab Trade Federation Mohamed Abdo Saidou said: There is no doubt that the Russian Federation under President Putin has changed considerably and opens to the t world-wide and of course to the Arab world in particular, and this is a rich expression of the people of Russia. And Arab. "

“We are calling on Arab businesses from all Arab countries to participate in the trade and industry trade between the Russian Federation and the Arab world,” said Mohammed Saidou. .

Barriers to joint investment development

The President of the Arab Trade Association expressed concerns about some of the barriers involved in the development of this partnership, including information, as there is little information about the Russian economy. and Russia's results and opportunities and are less affiliated with the Arab investment in common with other countries, and in the future have companies that specifically promote Russia's investment, goods and opportunities.

Sputnik. Aiham Massa

Tenth session of the Arab-Russian Industrial Council, along with the 'Arabia Expo' exhibition opened in fourth session t

Russian businesses, on the other hand, need to be more efficient and proactive in investing in the Arab world. Exchange a list of businesses at Arab world level to make the entry process easier, and vice versa for Russians and enter the Arab world.

Influence of the Conference

He said: "Any meeting will have a good outcome. Whatever the outcome of this meeting, it will be good and reflective of the Russian and Arab citizens. The Russian-Arab relations are very old. the first Arab country to establish diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union of Yemen in 1928, followed by Russia's long history, which is my first trip to Russia. much better than I was thinking.

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